(See? Two posts, two days in a row. Go me!)

One of the (many) things that suck when you’re unemployed is the weekend. Granted, I wasn’t crazy about them when I was employed, either, but that’s another story. Aside from the fact that there really isn’t any difference in my daily “routine” (because really, can you call it a routine when you sleep until sometime between 7:30 and 9am and then watch TiVo’ed reruns of Whose Line is it Anyway? and various incarnations of Star Trek?), it means that if/when I actually do venture out of my apartment, there are that many more idiots loose in public  with the sole purpose of annoying me.

Today, I use the term “idiots” in the most general sense of the public at large. Usually, I’m referring to tourists and undergrads, particularly on the Green Line. When the Red Sox are playing at home, it’s the bandwagon fans coming in from the suburbs who can’t figure out the T. If it’s before 8am, then it’s anybody who dares to speak above a murmur on the T. After 5pm, anybody who dares to ride the T with me at all.

Blog Thing I’ve Discovered #1 – When in need of something to write about, there is always the MBTA.

Today’s Kitchen AdventureApple Walnut Pound Cake. Except, as one reviewer said, it’s really more of a bread (you know, like banana bread). And I think I doubled the apples (I didn’t measure -I just grabbed two Granny Smiths from the fruit bowl). And I used hazelnuts instead of walnuts (it’s what I had on hand. And I like them better). And I added cinnamon. A successful adventure – I bet they’d make great muffins.

Sorry, folks…not one of my more entertaining posts, I’m afraid. I’m ready to head for bed, but first I need to wash dishes, sweep (I HATE doing dishes. And sweeping. I will do laundry multiple times a day and grocery shop until I drop if it means I don’t have to do dishes or sweep. Or even if it didn’t – I love doing laundry and grocery shopping), and mop the kitchen floor.

*sigh* Night-night.