(I really should not be allowed to view the stats for this site…makes me either excited or pissed off.)

For all of my ability to put together a fantastic outfit and love for a chance to play dress-up, I’m really more into comfort. I know absolutely nothing about current fashion trends – I watch I Project Runway because I like to fantasize that Tim Gunn is my faaaaabulous next-door neighbor and is my shopping/theatre buddy.  And Ina Garten is my neighbor on the other side and we get together to bake cookies and she helps me perfect my risotto. And did I actually have a point here?

Right – fashion. I actually couldn’t care less about it. Give me a soft cotton button-down or v-neck with 3/4-length sleeves, a pair of well-fitting quality jeans, and a pair of comfortable shoes and I’m a very happy girl, clothes-wise. Even happier if I can be shoe-less while indoors (I have big, wide feet. Shoes and I are not friends. The only thing worse than wearing shoes is shopping for shoes).

And in keeping with my comfort theme, I’ve never been a big fan of suits. Some of it is probably psychological issues lingering from law school. I have wide shoulders, so the jackets usually make me look like a third-round draft pick for the Buffalo Bills (yes, the Bills – I barely understand the game, which makes me the perfect player for the Bills these days. ;) ). Wearing it with pants tends to make me look even more boxy; if a skirt is the wrong length, my “amazing” calves become tree trunks. And don’t get me started on how hard it is to find a set with BOTH pieces actually fitting.

However, there are times, when one is unemployed, that one does need to wear a suit. I’m sure you can figure out what such an occasion would be; but I, in the interest of not tempting fate, will not speak of that as I really have no desire to go outside, turn around three times, and spit (or curse) – my neighbors probably already think I’m a little off (I really can’t be the only person in Cambridge who smudges her apartment with burning sage…can I?). Dammit, off track again…

So this morning was one of those occasions that necessitated me wearing a suit. First, I have to admit…I looked pretty damn good. I was wearing a black skirt suit – while the skirt is a tad longer than I would like, I did not look like a linebacker (and I have worn said suit with pants instead of the skirt, and it still works). My hair and makeup were great; contacts in; shoes left a little to be desired, though (Dansko mary janes – they would have worked fine, visually, with pants, but really were a little too clunky with the skirt. And they gave me a hell of a blister on the fifth metatarsophalangeal joint of my left foot. And yes, I looked that up – hope I got it right. But yeah – I need to get a new pair of pumps).

After my “occasion,” I wandered around Chinatown and Downtown Crossing for a little bit. And it struck me, yet again, how differently you get treated based on your clothing and appearance. I was waiting to cross a street and a driver stopped and gestured for me to cross. There is no doubt in my mind that, considering the diversity in race and economic status in that area, the only reason he did so was because I was a white woman, dressed very professionally and carrying a Coach tote bag (I may not be into shoes, but damn, do I love a good bag).

When I came home I changed immediately, to keep my suit looking nice for any future “occasions.” But I did find myself thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I had to dress up like that every day.

(But it didn’t stop me from putting on a 3/4-sleeved cotton v-neck and yoga pants)