I think we’re looking at another post of multiple short commentaries. I’m slightly dizzy and exhausted, and have a headache. It may be allergies. But I’ve also heard mosquitoes buzzing and I have a large mosquito bite on my hand, so it may be that I have somehow unleashed a deadly macrovirus. If I end up with flies hatching out of my neck, then we’ll know for sure (guess which episode of Star Trek: Voyager I watched this afternoon…)

(Note to The Mom – have you stopped cringing yet from the mental image of flies hatching out of my neck?)

I accomplished curtains today. I keep two bookshelves in my bedroom that I have basically turned into an armoire by stocking the shelves with canvas bins. To cover the fronts, I made curtains out of a king-size flat sheet. Actually, that took me three days, with all the pressing (hey, I finally bought an ironing board!), cutting, pinning, and hemming. Installing the rod brackets on the shelves took me all of ten minutes (but aggravated the tendinitis in my elbow) and I didn’t even have to break out the power drill. Slide the curtains on the rod, pop the rod on the brackets – wham, bam, thank you, Mand, I’ve got a pretty damn good-looking “armoire” with curtains. So my morning consisted of flashbacks to middle school (home ec and technology classes) and undergrad (set and costume construction crews, and costume design class).

Today I had one of the scariest things ever happen to me – I am *this* close to being completely out of olive oil. When you’re of (half) Mediterranean background, that simply just does not happen. You somehow always have olive oil around. I really don’t know what to do here (well, other than go to Shaw’s or Trader Joe’s tomorrow and buy another bottle).

I found myself wondering this evening how the apple-hazelnut bread of the other day would taste with caramel pecan sauce.  The answer: yummy. I’d also like to know how it would taste with vanilla ice cream, but as I have none, that experiment will not be conducted this evening (note to self: add vanilla ice cream to tomorrow’s shopping list).

My other (actual) cooking experiment will not show results until at least tomorrow night. As I can’t get bottled spiedie sauce in Boston, I have to make my own. I’ve been using this recipe. Note that it calls for red wine vinegar plus a little sugar. I only have white vinegar in the house, and I don’t have any dry red wine. So, I improvised. I used the white vinegar…and Manischewitz (yes, I cut out the sugar).

Upcoming kitchen adventures will include making my own limoncello, because I need something to mix with club soda.

You know, Mand…if you posted during the day instead of at 11pm, you wouldn’t be sleepily trying to think of something to write..