For some reason my last post is not showing up on the main page, or in my list of posts on my dashboard, but the direct link works. *sigh* I do not have the mental capacity to figure that out right now.

I did indeed buy olive oil this afternoon (and vanilla ice cream – yep, ice cream/apple-hazelnut bread/caramel pecan sauce is definitely a good combination). And I discovered something almost as horrifying as being out of olive oil in the first place – olive oil sold in plastic bottles. No, people. That is just plain WRONG. Big metal can or glass bottle, please. Plastic? *shudders* It’s like something I read about this afternoon in Food & Wine magazine – a sommelier decided to find out what effect plastic corks have on wine by filling empty wine bottles with water, corking them, and storing them for six months. The result was that the better-tasting bottles tasted like, and I quote, “Barbie dolls.”

I’ve had a subscription to Food & Wine for six months, and I only now just started actually reading it (hasn’t been a waste of money – I scored a 2-year subscription for free with online survey reward points. Or maybe it was my old True Blue points from Jet Blue.). Which issue is it that finally got me to read? The one all about Italian food and wine, of course. Quite drool-worthy.

I also loved this bit from Mario Cantone: “My mother didn’t want me to cook. She thought it would make me gay. Little did she know it was the Judy Garland albums she played when I was two.”

Tonight is the Top Chef: D.C. finale (Team Ed!), as well as the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Looking forward to both.

I’m already surprising myself by how much I’ve been talking about food and cooking/baking. I never had any intentions of making this a food blog (just happens that that’s what I have the most to say about right now). Sure, I like food (even if I do have a tendency to forget to eat). But for a variety of reasons, mainly financial and my own impatience while cooking, I’ve never really thought of myself as a “foodie.” Or maybe it’s because there are things that, while they may be a gourmet status symbol to some, were never really all that foreign to me. For example, The Mom turned me on to brie before I even hit kindergarten. As a PBS-watching three year-old, I loved Julia Child, probably the same way I love Ina Garten now (or maybe not – I just wanna hang out with Ina and Jeffrey, drinking wine on a waterfront porch).

I did not take Ambien last night. And I totally should have. And what did I do while I was up from 3am to 5am? Why, I watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Night Terrors.” Yeah, Mand…you suffer from insomnia, so you watch an ep about the crew going insane due to deprivation of REM sleep? Great idea!