I had a plan! Each box was numbered. There is a piece of paper with a number and a corresponding description of the contents of each box.

(in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I often quote The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin is God.)

I did have a plan for today’s post. The problem has nothing to do with numbered boxes or corresponding lists. The problem is I completely forgot what the hell the plan was.

(I have also never taken 19th century English literature. And I managed to get through college without ever taking Western Civilizations, Statistics (I think I was the only theatre major who took Calculus for their math requirement), or Psychology.)

Another successful kitchen adventure tonight – flank steak that had been marinated for three days in my homemade spiedie sauce and roasted teeny tiny potatoes (that’s how Trader Joe’s describes them on the tag). Last night was also successful, though not quite as much – pan fried chicken thighs. I’d soaked them in buttermilk for a day and a half, then dredged them in seasoned flour. Overall, they came out fine, but there were two problems: flour wasn’t seasoned enough, and I’d forgotten how much I hate frying with significant amounts of oil (both the smell and the fire hazard/potential for third-degree burns). Dessert both nights was vanilla ice cream with crumbled double chocolate hazelnut cookies and warm caramel sauce.

It has been a weird day here in the Enlightened Absolutism of Amandaland (the official name of my apartment). Not only did I make coffee this morning (something I rarely do at home), I cooked breakfast almost immediately after getting up – I usually have to check my e-mail and other stuff online before I even begin to contemplate food and/or caffeine. And I don’t often cook in the mornings, either. A few other weird things, too, with two of my lamps. And Kitty-Friend (my neighbor’s cat, who I am attempting to befriend) showed up on the front porch.

Oh – I did figure out what happened with that missing post. I had accidentally made it into a separate page. I fixed it.

I really don’t want this to be too personal or superficial of a blog. Between that and still not remembering what my plan was, I really have nothing else to talk about tonight.