Guess I forgot to post yesterday…whoops, sorry about that.

Summary of my evening:

– Hmmm…I want to make cranberry-hazelnut oatmeal cookies.

– It’s getting kinda late. I’ll wait until tomorrow.

– Well, maybe I’ll make the cookie dough, then put it in the fridge until tomorrow.

– You know, it really wouldn’t take that long to scoop them onto trays and bake….

So yeah, I now have two dozen cookies cooling in my kitchen (they seem to have come out quite well). I am grateful that I have finally embraced the large cookie scoop/big cookie. I used to be all about making cookies small, so I could get a lot out of a batch of dough. Now I just want the tedious parts (i.e. scooping) to be done and over with as fast as possible.

My other kitchen adventure tonight wasn’t so much of an adventure as it was taking the scenic route. Tonight was seafood pizza. But I used red sauce instead of olive oil and garlic, and only about half as much fresh mozz and Trader Joe’s Seafood Blend as I usually do. Still ended up kinda soggy, but nowhere near like it had in the past.

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d had two lamps/light bulbs go out on me on the same day. This morning I had a third bulb blow out. Of course, none of these are your regular-sized light bulb. But I was able to replace them all. The bulb for my clip-on mini light is fine. I put the brand-new teeny vanity bulb into my bedside lamp and the new bulb immediately blew out (it left a weird pattern on the inside glass and the filament was twitching – I’m thinking there was a defect in the vacuum). Fortunately, that had come in a two-pack and the other bulb was fine. And my natural spectrum lamp with the $20 bulb? Appears to be that the lamp itself bit the dust. :P At least I can return the bulb.

Is a poster of “The Desiderata” no longer requisite college dorm decor? Undergrad aesthetics aside, I actually really do like it. I’ve been trying to find a poster/print. The regular websites haven’t been much of a help. Last week I figured, Oh, I’ll go to the Harvard Coop! They’ll have it, right between Beers of the World and Bluto. Yeah…no. I don’t know if they’re “above” that or what, but no Desiderata. No Beers of the World or Bluto, either, come to think of it…maybe I need to try MIT or BU…

I’m working on some promotional ideas for this. The first one I’ve already begun to implement. I have two more in mind, but one of them needs to wait at least a week, and the other probably at least another two or three weeks after that (that one especially I need higher, more consistent hits first).