Yes, I am actually starting a post less than 12 hours after my last post. But I’ve gotten really annoyed by something yet again, and I feel the need to make you aware of it. Because chances are, you are a culprit.

It’s your hatred of Mondays.

I have one thing to say about it.


Okay, I have a little bit more to say than just that. ;)

I blame popular music for this, namely The Mamas and the Papas and The Bangles. I did a quick Google search for song lyrics about Mondays and every single song I looked at was negative.

I LIKE Mondays. Whether going to school, working, or unemployed and doing nothing, I have always liked Mondays.

More often than not throughout my life, (but especially over the past almost-2 years), weekends don’t mean freedom and/or fun activities for me. They mean being stuck at home with no escape and no one to talk to except my plants and stuffed animals (and they are all really horrible conversationalists).

Mondays meant I could see people again. They were a fresh start at school or work. Even now, unemployed, I still feel a sense of relief when I go to bed on Sunday night and wake up the next morning – Oh, thank you god, the weekend is over. It’s finally Monday! If I go out to run errands during the day, there won’t be as many undergrads and tourists to annoy me.

I feel the same way about summer – it’s basically just one, really long weekend from hell. Others lament the end of summer; I embrace it. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) recently posted about how this time of year is a more natural beginning than January 1st. Judaism has it right, with Rosh Hashanah falling in late summer/early fall (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway. And I’d like to point out that I originally misspelled hemisphere but got Rosh Hashanah right on the first try). I was the kid who lived for the first day of school (I didn’t start dreading it until my second year of law school) – I make countdown calendars, starting in July. Keep in mind that my mother was a high school teacher – you can imagine how much she loved that (she still hates Labor Day weekend)!

So here is your new mantra: Mondays are AWESOME!!!

(PS – I’ve added a bunch of links in the sidebar. One of them might be yours. If you would prefer that it not be there, just give a yell and I’ll delete it.)