Blog Thing I’ve discovered #2 – The earlier in the day you post, the more readers/hits you will get.

I never left the house yesterday, an all-too-common occurrence for me.  Sure, I did a couple of loads of laundry (including my sheets), and I put a second coat of silver paint on the back of my office door, and I did some dishes (though I have more to do now), and I kinda cooked – leftover flank steak and orecchiette with sauce I made from a mix (yes, I am ashamed. Though it actually was fairly good).

I’m not really in a mood to leave the house today, either – I wasn’t feeling so great all night long (might be allergies), though I felt a little better after I finally took some ibuprofen at some point during the night (All I can tell you is that it was some time between midnight and 6:30am), and a little better still after some tea and toast this morning. But I have errands to be run, things that I wasn’t able to finish on Sunday and other things to be done before I fly on Thursday morning (I’m going to Buffalo for a long weekend).

Not to mention, I don’t have all that much to do in the house anymore. I pretty much finished up the major cleaning/rearranging over Labor Day weekend. I think I’ve used just about every single feng shui cure and enhancement possible for the things I need to fix in my life (which is just about everything). While I have seen some results (though nothing major as of yet), I keep panicking that it’s not enough. And then I worry about overkill and/or making my apartment look weird. And I haven’t been in the mood to knit (I know – horrors!), and I’m sick of the computer and TV. I’m really, really incredibly bored and lonely.

I’m planning on asking Landlord soon about painting. There’s nothing in my lease that says I can’t, but I’ll be nice (especially since I already painted my bathroom last year without asking). I’ve already picked up a bunch of paint chips – I’m leaning towards a goldenrod for the living room, some kind of indigo/wisteria/periwinkle for the office, and a peachy/pinky/salmon for the bedroom (I’m not touching the kitchen – it’s all wallpaper. I could always do the cabinets, but that is too much work than I want to think about right now). All of my walls are off-white (with white trim around the windows and doors), and between that and the hardwood floors,  it’s just so…cold.

I just got rid of my copy of Apartment Therapy (wasn’t much of a help to me, plus I needed the cash), but I did take the apartment quiz in it. One of the questions is “How would you like your friends to describe your apartment?” (And I think, in extension, yourself). I said something like, ‘comfortable/inviting/warm, awesome, and ‘Amanda’.” I’ve tried adding color and texture with drapes and blankets and area rugs and art, but it still screams to me, “Cold! Lonely! Unneeded! Unwanted!!” It’s kinda like I’m still living in a dorm or university-owned apartment. I think some color on the walls might help.

And my next place, wherever/whenever/with whoever that may be, will definitely have wall-to-wall carpeting. And a dishwasher (whose name may be Amana or Maytag or Kenmore, but certainly not Amanda). And my own washer and dryer.

Blog Thing I’ve Learned #3 – sometimes if you have one brief thing in mind to write about, you just might go off forever on a completely different subject.

Goddammit, I need to get back to yoga. Goddammit, I need money to get back to yoga.

Time to actually get dressed and leave the house…I have library books to return and pick up, so there is going to be a trip to Copley. Fantastic. :P