– As you may have noticed, I “redecorated” the blog yesterday. And I just updated the About Amanda page.

– I’m flying to Buffalo tomorrow morning, returning on Monday evening. Between lack of decent internet access at my parents’ house (not really their fault – more of an instance where cable/phone companies don’t think that sparsely populated areas deserve high-speed internet) and me being far, far, from a good place, emotionally (it’s a long, complicated story; no, you don’t get to hear it), there will probably be a dearth of posts oover the next few days.

– Today, after some serious thought over the past few months and especially yesterday, I recycled Miranda, my beloved 8GB red iPod Nano (3rd gen, I think). She had been slowly dying for sometime – not the software, which is what died on my first iPod (I drowned the second in my gym bag), but physically – I’d been having problems with the headphone jack for quite some time, and the hold switch didn’t seem to be working right anymore; over the past few days, she basically quit being able to both power down and stay locked, which was costing me a lot of battery power. So I patted her good-bye and told her she’d been a good little Nano (what, you don’t have an emotional connection with your mp3 player?)  and put her out of her misery. Then I purchased a new 32GB iPod touch. Her name is Joy.

And I’ve come home to discover that my firewire AC power adapter, which came packaged with my first iPod and has never been included with iPods since, but was compatible with iPod #2 (no, I never named iPod #2. I never officially named iPod #1, either, but towards the end of his life he was known as Evil iPod of Doom) and Miranda, is not compatible with Joy. Normally, this would not be a big deal – just charge it through the computer. However, as I mentioned above, I’m flying to Buffalo for five days.  And I’m not taking the laptop (the screen pretty much went out about six weeks ago – I have it hooked up to my television with an RGB cord; obviously, that is not coming along in my carry-on). So now I need to buy a new power adapter while I’m there. :P Though I’m leaning towards the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger, as it’s cheaper than the Apple brand charger, plus has three outlets and a second USB slot. Score! I’m also looking for a case for it, too.

*sigh* I need for things to be a hell of a lot different right now…