I hate when I forget to post during the day, and then evening comes and I have absolutely nothing to say.

Had a thought earlier this evening (well, many thoughts, of course, but this one in particular is important). I have absolutely amazing Google-fu (I was also famous at my former job for being able to find hard-copy files that no one else could locate). Actually, I’m really good at research in general. I even have a line in my cover letter describing my research skills: “if I can’t find it…it doesn’t exist.”

I’ve been trying to find answers regarding a couple of major things in my life, for quite some time. I’ve Googled (well, not specifically asking, but researching certain topics), I’ve read voraciously, I’ve meditated, I’ve feng shui-ed, I’ve done clearing rituals. And while I’ve acquired a good deal of knowledge (seriously – reading about Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity helped me to understand Lost) and a clean apartment, I can’t really say that I have come across the definitive answers I really need to find.

(Before you attempt to counter with some platitude, a) shut up; b) I don’t like medium-to-major surprises (little surprises are fun; throw me a surprise party and I’d probably have a panic attack); I need to know things, because I’m the one who always knows everything; and c) shut up)

So we know that if I can’t find it, it doesn’t exist, and that I haven’t found any answers. Which leads me to the conclusion that the answers don’t exist and my life is hopeless. My reviewing of classical logic tells me that is is proof by the contrapositive, followed by Modus Tollens (or, if you were in my ninth grade math class, Todus Mollens).

Goddammit, I need something to do other than bake cookies and look up logic rules.