Why are the contestants on Top Chef: Just Desserts using tilt-head Kitchen Aid stand mixers and not bowl-lift mixers from one of the professional KA series? Hell, if The Mom can have a 6-qt. professional mixer, I think TC can fit them into their budget. Even Shelly, my own 35 year-old KA bowl-lift mixer (handed down from The Mom) seems to be more heavy-duty. And yes, her name is Shelly because she’s eggshell. :)

I read a review somewhere that said something about how TC:JD is reminiscent of Project Runway. I definitely agree – my favorite chef, Zac, reminds me so much of Kayne on season 4 PR, it’s scary. And I suppose fashion design and pastry creation attract similar types.

I don’t have an addictive personality (something I am grateful for). But I will admit to several “problems” – steno pads, especially if they’re really good paper (it took a lot to pass up the $8 nice paper pad at Bob Slate the other day, in favor of the $2 average paper pad); scissors (last count, I had 7 pairs. Note to The Mom: shut up.); sock yarn (though due to my unemployment-induced yarn diet, I haven’t bought any since May. And as all sock knitters know, sock yarn doesn’t count, anyway).

And Yankee Candle. My main problems are Lilac Blossom (year-round) and Sparkling Cinnamon (holiday scent – I go crazy hunting down votives in January when they go on sale). And the mecca of YC coupons arrived in my e-mail inbox last night: the Buy 1 Large Jar/Tumbler , Get 1 Free.  As I commented to the associates at the Prudential Center store this afternoon, you do not ignore that coupon.  So that is why there is a Peppermint Swirls large jar sitting on my living room end table and a Midsummer’s Night large jar on the bookshelf in my office.

Already in my office were large jars of Ocean Water, Drift Away, and Lilac Blossom, plus a large tumbler of Sparkling Cinnamon. There’s also a Fresh Cut Roses small jar and a pair of Lilac Blossom votives in my living room. And a variety of scents in votives scattered between my bedroom, bathroom, and storage in my pantry…where I’m also storing three electric home air fresheners and refills in both (you guessed it) Lilac Blossom and Sparkling Cinnamon.

Like I said – I have a “problem.”