ETA: Forgot to mention that I updated About Amanda again.

I’m trying to figure out if I have a) become a character on Grey’s Anatomy (which I haven’t watched in 2 years, and I wouldn’t want to be a character, anyway, because they killed off my beloved George); or b) been hired by SNL to co-host “Weekend Update” (which would be awesome – Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers, please feel free to give me a call). Because it seems like my tag lines for the past few days are alternating between “Seriously?” and “Really, [insert stupid person here]? Really?!”

Let’s start with Thursday night, starting at around 9:30pm (I think). Apparently, there was a storm. Honestly, I never really noticed, but I tend not to notice because metro Boston and I have severely different opinions on what constitutes bad weather (just wait until it starts snowing – Boston shuts down for what I think of as merely a dusting. Seriously, Boston – you’re gonna get kicked out of New England if you continue to be such a wuss). What I did notice were sirens, and the fire trucks/ambulance/law enforcement on my street, possibly at my next-door neighbors. But I still didn’t give it much thought, because unfortunately this is becoming more and more of a common occurrence in my neighborhood.

I was up for a while, doing whatever as usual. it seemed like the red-and-blue flashy lights were going on for an awful long time , but eventually I did notice a fire truck or two leaving. End of story? Oh, so not. My circadian rhythms have been a little off this week, and I’ve been staying up later than I had been. So I finally headed to my bedroom around 1:15-ish, after watching TiVoed CSI (Side note: loved Elliott Gould in it, but that’s because I love Ocean’s Eleven). That’s when I finally was all Wait…WHAT?!?!

There were still two trucks of some nature next door, running and with lights going. One was in the street; the other was in my neighbor’s driveway…which is right under my bedroom window. And they were running chainsaws.


At 1:30 am.

One fucking thirty in the morning and they were taking down tree limbs.

Apparently, a good-sized limb had fallen on the electrical lines. And while I understand it’s a fire hazard, was it so precarious it couldn’t have waited until at least daylight? Because while it wouldn’t surprise me to find a few vampires in the area, last I checked, most of us here are of a diurnal nature.  And really – I can usually sleep through just about anything, so you know that this was really loud. The finally stopped and left around 2:30.

Speaking of things i can’t sleep through, let’s move to last night. First, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my landlords, a couple in the late middle-age/young senior citizen demographic, live directly above me.

Things you should have listened to your friend CJ about: never rent from on-premise landlords.

Things you should have listened to your friend MJ about: never live on the first floor.

Again, it was about 1am. I was lying in bed, playing on my iPod and reading, when I realized that Landlord and Mrs. Landlord were going at it. Again.

Fighting/arguing? No.

Blaring the TV? No.

Doing the horizontal mambo? *DING DING DING*

(And note that I said “again” – they’ve actually woken me up in the past. At 2am on a weeknight.)

Can I please have the chainsaws back?