Last night I dyed my hair. Nothing drastic – actually bringing it back to my natural color (medium/dark brown). This morning I was putting on makeup (will not speak of why), including red lipstick. Took a look in the mirror and got freaked out when I realized I looked a little bit like Katy Perry. In retrospect (and after some Google image research), it was probably more like her own inspiration, Bettie Page. But Katy Perry was who first came to mind.

I got a blender today, courtesy of The Mom and  I believe this was how our original conversation about it went:

Me: I’ve been looking at blenders.
The Mom: Why do you want a blender?
Me: Well, how else am I supposed to make margaritas?
The Mom: Good point.

I just checked the Yankees’ score and saw they were down 0-3 in the bottom of the 4th. As I finally beat my curse of not being able to wear Yankees clothing during a game last year, I went and changed out of my Buffalo Sabres t-shirt into a Yankees t-shirt. However, I will not be turning on the game, because that is my current curse – I turn it on and my boys just start playing worse.

I’m also cursed in another way, in regards to baseball. When the Yankees are doing well in the post-season, my life goes to hell.

And was does my life go right and I’m happy?

When the !@#$%#$@%#@ BloSox win the World Series.

Now some of you may be naive enough to say, But Amanda, if your life ends up so much better, why don’t you just become a Red Sox fan?

And the rest of you, who know me and/or are true Yankees fans or true Red Sox fans (because the true fans really do respect each other), are laughing your asses off.

The idea of me becoming a Sox fan is up there with Planned Parenthood hiring Sarah Palin as their spokesperson.

I have really been stepping up my reading as of late (been going through Kathy Reichs’ books about forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan – the ones that the show Bones is very loosely inspired by; the books are way better), and fiction especially – prior to law school, I used to read all the time, but law school really destroys your love of reading, fiction or non-fiction, for quite some time. But I realized that in the past 6 days alone I’ve completely read two novels from start to finish and started a third. I’m up to 19 books for the calendar year of 2010 (6 in the past three weeks), but that’s not good enough – I read 36 in 2009. My goal right now is 50, and I probably have enough unread books in my apartment that I could do it without setting foot in a library or bookstore for the rest of the year (but like that will ever happen).

I also confirmed something: I don’t like ebooks. When I finished the fifth Temperance Brennan book on Monday night I was antsy to continue the series. Too impatient to wait until the next day, when I could hit a bookstore or the library, I bought #6  in electronic format from Barnes & noble and downloaded it to the Nook app on Joy (yes, I also have the Kindle app. But as much as I admire Jeff Bezos, and I purchase a lot of other things from Amazon, when it comes to books I prefer B&N – between my membership discounts and coupons I can usually get a better price, plus their Fast & Free shipping is a hell of a lot faster) .

I will admit, it was handy to just have it there on my iPod, while riding the T. But it’s not like a mass-market paperback takes up all that much room in my tote bag – it’s just as portable as a full-size e-reader, and a hell of a lot sturdier. But I really just did not find the overall experience to be that satisfying. I never felt like I was reading a book. I know I’m a tactile learner, a tactile person in general – the sensation of touch is incredibly important to me.  I need the heft of an actual book; I need the feel of the separate pages.

(I need to know that if my water bottle leaks I’m only out $8 of soggy paper, not hundreds of dollars of waterlogged electronics)

Anticipating that I would finish #6 today (which I did), I purchased #7 while I was out this afternoon. The actual, physical book (and because I had a Borders coupon, it was 33% off). And now I’m taking said book and going to bed.