The Saturday of a holiday weekend in New England, and I have to go into Boston proper, including riding the Green Line. Fan-fucking-tastic.

At least it’s not pouring rain, such as it was when I was downtown on Wednesday (and why it must be pouring every time I need to wear a suit is another question for another day). On the other hand, the nice weather really brings out the crazies, I mean, tourists.

Blog Thing I’ve Laarned #4: even though you may have started writing said blog as a way to deal with your boredom from unemployment and loneliness in general, being unemployed and always alone means that you really don’t have all that much to talk about that is of interest to anyone. And most of the time, that includes you.

I’m going to go make my bed, take a shower, make some coffee, and get going on my day (do I really have to stop myself from shoving tourists out of my way?). Maybe I’ll feel better later, though I really don’t have much hope for that.  Actually, I don’t have much hope regarding anything, anymore.