The bizarre things that I tend to wonder about? This afternoon it was MBTA employees  – any public transportation employees, really, but considering where I live, MBTA is the first to come to mind. I was wondering/worrying about the bus/T drivers who work either the very first run of the morning or the very last run at night, and don’t have cars. It just seems wrong that they would have to rely on someone else to drop them off/pick them up at ungodly hours of the morning or night, when they work for public transportation but they can’t take it to or from work because it hasn’t started running yet/has stopped running for the night.

(I told you – I wonder about weird things)

So today is 10-10-10. Other than it being a really cool date in binary (shout-out to CJ!), it’s actually a pretty bitter day for me.  During Fall 2006 I was in rehearsals for a production of Fiddler on the Roof. I was in the ensemble, so I spent a lot of rehearsal time standing on stage with nothing to do while the director was working with another group. One of those nights, while rehearsing “Sunrise, Sunset” and the wedding scene, I got to thinking about dates. Being into numbers, I like interesting dates – consecutive numbers, repeating digits, squares, etc. Anyway, I had the thought that October 10, 2010 would be a great date to get married. I figured I had 4 years.


Needless to say, unless a freaking miracle occurs in the next 8-ish hours, I’m not getting married today.

In other news, I got an e-mail on Friday night from my bank, telling me I had insufficient funds (side note: considering that I am the sole tenant of the property owner, not through a broker or company, am I over-reacting when I get annoyed that my landlord regularly takes at least a week to deposit my rent check?). First thing I did, as usual, was to check my bookshelf for anything I could sell to one of the used bookstores I frequent (There were a few, but I’m running out of things I don’t want). And then, instead of buying Temperance Brennan #8, in either ebook or hard copy, I ended up borrowing it from the library (hence yesterday’s trip on the Green Line). Which is kinda too bad, because this is one that I would have liked to have bought and actually kept (out of the four books I’ve bought in paperback, I’ve only kept one). On the plus side, I also grabbed #9 while I was at it, as I’e been averaging only 2-3 days per book.

I think dinner tonight will be the last of the roasted chicken and butternut squash soup I made last week. I found the recipe in Everyday Food and modified it a bit. It was absolutely fantastic, and froze beautifully. Definitely will make it again (I’ve got some acorn squash I might try instead of butternut, plus I’m considering how I could make it seafood instead of chicken). I should make more cookies tonight or tomorrow, too – I finally finished the batch I made last week (been eating them with vanilla ice cream; also discovered that they refresh pretty well if you wrap them in a damp paper towel and nuke them for about 45-60 seconds). Of course, that means I need to do dishes, too – just haven’t felt up to it, mentally, emotionally, or physically (elbow has really been hurting lately).

To end this on a somewhat more positive note, I found Mallomars at Shaw’s today. On sale.