I am alive. I’ve just been exhausted. Or reading like they’re going to burn all books tomorrow (just started Temperance Brennan #11 this afternoon). Or actually leaving the house. Or giving myself allergy attacks by burning too many Yankee Candles for hours on end. Or giving myself food poisoning. Or doing laundry.

I started turning on the heat in my apartment yesterday. I turn it off when I’m going to be out for an extended period of time, and when I go to bed. But this still means that I need a new job soon – I love my $10 gas bills during the summer; that certainly does not happen during the winter.

I’m getting a sewing itch again. Maybe I’ll make another pair of curtains (I have a sheet earmarked for my office window), een though I don’t have a rod or hardware for them. I wish I had a fabric store more convenient to me (or a car so I could drive to said stores). I’d really like to improve my sewing – I taught myself to knit; I’m sure I can teach myself to sew, beyond the basics I can already do. Honestly…I’d kinda like to try quilting. And making pajamas.This may have been brought on by the fact that I just watched this week’s Project Runway.

Landlord and Mrs. Landlord are out of town for the weekend. So in addition to no disturbing noises coming from upstairs, I also have the freedom to do as much laundry as I want, whenever the hell I want (we have a verbal agreement that I do not do laundry on the weekends, and I just feel very uncomfortable going into the basement when they’re at home). I already did two loads tonight; tomorrow will probably be every sheet and linen I own.

I thought I also had the itch to rearrange my living room. But, feng shui-wise, there isn’t much I can do with it anymore. Then I realized that my itch is really for a bigger, deeper, plushier, more comfortable couch. And a window seat, but I don’t think Landlord will be giving me permission for anything requiring a building permit.

Okay…I’m starting to lose coherent thought. While that does make for fun blogging, not tonight. I’m off to bed with my book and keeping an eye on the Yankees-Rangers game via the MLB.com At Bat Lite app.