I could write you an endless list of why I hate being/living alone. Today it was trying to get anything done after having slept wrong on my neck/left shoulder last night. It wasn’t really noticeable when I got up, but it’s gotten worse throughout the day, despite an ice pack and Advil (yes, I know I probably should have gone with the heating pad). Forgetting the need for a massage and general assistance for the moment, it would have been helpful just to have someone talking me down from the ledge of wondering if I have encephalitis or meningitis or a brain tumor.

(No, I have not gone self-diagnosing on WebMD…though I will admit to looking up encephalitis on Wikipedia last week when I had the Yankee Candle-induced allergy attack…yes, I do have both the Wikipedia and WebMD apps on my iPod…)

(and don’t think you’re off the hook, Ikea…)

If one of my mega-coupons tomorrow (I’m on four or fie different lists) is for a massage, I may have to spring for it.  Or else a new shower head (mine supposedly does have a massage setting, but it’s never been strong enough for me). And I do believe there’s a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon in last month’s Martha Stewart Living. Or convince Landlord to replace my tiny, shallow bathtub with a giant jacuzzi…of course, said tub would be bigger than my entire bathroom, but I’d be okay with that.

I ordered another pair of plain black pumps from Zappos this morning (I did buy a pair at Payless a couple of weeks ago…with a three-inch spiked heel. While my toes were still speaking to me at the end of the day, the backs of my heels were not). As much as I dislike shoes and show shopping, I do love Zappos. Once again, they upgraded my free shipping to free overnight shipping, so I should receive my shoes tomorrow (more than once in the past, I’ve received my shoes less than 24 hours after ordering).

I should probably leave the house tomorrow, as I haven’t left since I came home late Friday afternoon. At least I changed my pajamas last night. I also need to bake tomorrow – I’m out of cookies. Though that means I also need to do the dishes that are piling up…*Sigh* I so hate doing dishes. Anybody out there want to trade? You do my dishes and the sweeping/vacuuming; I’ll do your laundry and grocery shopping.