It’s looking like it’s going to be yet another not-leaving the house day, and I’m not sure if I like that or not. I did go out yesterday – took a walk to Spy Pond, then into Arlington Center, then took the bus to Arlington Heights, had lunch at Panera, considered a Trader Joe’s trip but crossing Mass Ave. was a pain in the ass,  bussed it back to Porter Square and then home. I have things to do outside the house on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so I’m not going to be approaching any being-a-hermit records (I know I’ve hit 3 days in the past; my record might be 4).

My neck/shoulder are still painful, so maybe if I locate that B^3 coupon I thought I saw in some magazine, I will have to take a field trip down by Fenway. Found it – it was in Food & Wine. So far today, I’ve been trying to get comfortable on the couch, watching TiVo’d episodes Barefoot Contessa (I have something like 25 eps that I haven’t gotten to yet).

You know what I love about Ina? During the “Ask Ina” segments, anytime someone says their fan or that they love the show, she thanks them. Every single time. That’s awesome.

I currently have two if Ina’s cookbooks from the library. I have to admit – I don’t love her recipe for Herbal Iced Tea. But that’s not her fault; it’s just my own palate. The recipe is (basically) steep 4 bags of Red Zinger and 4 bags Lemon Zinger tea in 4 cups boiling water for 10 minutes; add 4 cups unsweetened apple juice; chill.

Now…I don’t like Red Zinger tea (why did anyone think hibiscus would taste good as tea?). I’m not a big fan of Lemon Zinger, either. I can take or leave using apple juice as a base/sweetener (side note: do you know how thrilled I was when I first moved here and discovered I could get Mayer Bros. apple cider?). So, umm…why did I think I was going to like it? I don’t know – Ina Magic, maybe? I’m (usually) open to the possibility that two or more things that I don’t usually like might end up to be yummy when combined. I’m also open to the possibility it may have been the quality of the apple juice – Ina said in the recipe that she uses Martinelli’s; I used Shaw’s store brand.

Speaking of library books, I finished 206 Bones last night (loved the shout out to UB dental school). That’s 12 Kathy Reichs novels in approximately six weeks – go me! Now I face a problem: the next book, Spider Bones, was just published in August. Obviously, not yet available in paperback. I requested it from the library, but I’m currently fourteenth on the list (which is an improvement from when I first requested it last night – I was sixteenth). Even with discounts or coupons, it would cost me about $18 at Borders or B&N. And the ebook (Borders, B&N, or Amazon) is $12.99.  *sigh* Lovely.

I had some ruminations about my longing for a car, but I suppose that can wait until tomorrow. If I’m gonna field trip-it to Fenway (not crazy about spending money on a new shower head, either, but I think that’s a little bit more of a necessity than a mystery novel right now), I should get out of my pj’s and get going.