You may recall from my original shoe vent about how I played Cinderella’s Stepmother in Into the Woods, and had to cut off the toes and heels of the stepsisters.

Today I was wearing my new pair of black of pumps. Actually, I wore them yesterday morning and was pretty good until I got home; then I noticed that the back of my right heel was all bloody. Today, by the time I walked from my apartment to the T said heel was bloody again, plus the little toe on my left foot. About half an hour later I was walking down the street and it finally dawned on me: Painful heel, painful toe, blood in your shoes…so, which stepsister are you?

I did indeed get a new shower head at Bed Bath & Beyond (this one), and it is lovely. Of course, the more important thing is that when I came home and was sitting in my living room to open the package, I took it out, tapped it on the back and started singing “Danke Schoen” into it.

I took the commuter rail out to Salem yesterday afternoon, to run a random errand. This also will come up later in my why-I-want/need-a-car post, which is now looking like it will be tomorrow (headache tonight – after posting this, I’ll be heading to bed with an Ambien and a Tylenol…err, maybe an Advil, because the Ambien/Tylenol combo made my computer screen go 3-D last time I tried it…). But I realized that Salem, MA is probably as close as you’re going to get in the U.S. to going to Hogsmeade (and I mean that in terms of real places, as opposed to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios). It was even more apparent as I was waiting on the platform for my return trip and noticing my fellow travelers…yeah…I’m about to get on a train with a bunch of older women wearing pointy hats… Would have been even funnier if the train pulled into Platform 9 or 10 at North Station (I totally would have pulled some kind of Platform 9 3/4 joke).

And if you use the ladies’ room at Museum Place Mall, you should know that it houses a portal to Narnia. The graffitti on the stall door said so.

This was my second time to Salem – I went for a full afternoon about two years ago (this time I was there maybe an hour and a half). Both times I went alone. I don’t like it. Aside from my usual rant on doing things alone all the time, Salem really is pretty creepy. Don’t get me wrong – it’s pretty. But it’s also damn creepy, be it a mid-week afternoon in October or a weekend in June. On the other hand, now I know where I can get feng shui stuff and maneki nekos for decent prices.

ooh…headache and sleepy, but starting to watch TiVoed Project Runway is so tempting…