I remembered what it was I wanted to mention last night.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying , “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan,” or some variation thereof. I’m one of those people who that applies to in spades. Doesn’t matter if it’s something as little as getting on the T at a certain time, to the big things of how I want my life to work out – I make any kind of plan, it goes to hell.

So I’m making a new life plan. I plan on being a homeless, junkie prostitute and die alone from an overdose in an abandoned alley in Chinatown.

Something else I was thinking about yesterday…you may wonder, Hey, Mand…you talk about the things you do, the recipes you try…you give us the links, but you never post any pictures. How come? There’s a two-fold reason behind that.

The first reason is two-fold in itself: I hate photography. Okay, I don’t hate it. But I don’t find it enjoyable, either. Let me put it this way: any picture-taking I do, I use my cell phone or iPod Touch; I don’t even own a legitimate point-and-shoot camera (digital or film).

So the first part being that I have no use for photography as an art form (as I discovered in my video production classes, I don’t belong behind a camera of any kind), I also have no use for it as documentation. I have an eidetic memory. I don’t need photos to remember events; the “pictures” are all in my head. And even when I do bother to take pictures, they never measure up to what I actually remember. So I stick with what’s in my head.

The other part of why I don’t post photos is more of why you will probably never see a full picture of me – I really, really, really don’t like having my picture taken. Sure, I volunteered to model for CJ (the cropped shot of my eyes – yes, they’re mine – is from a photo she took. She’s awesome.).  But really, I hate being in front of a camera almost as much as I hate being behind it (again, any kind of camera – give me live theatre any day).  Despite what some may say, I’m not all that photogenic. I tend to like what I see in the mirror a hell of a lot more than what I see in just about any photograph of me. Maybe it makes me delusional, but I’ll stick with that image, thank you very much.

Dinner this evening worked fine. And since in my travels today I stopped at Paradise for a dozen chocolate chip cookies, I see cookies, ice cream, and hot fudge in my future this evening.

And I get to go to the dentist tomorrow!! No, really – I am pleased about this. Because this isn’t a typical dentist appointment. Last year I got into a study at Tufts Dental School on new filling materials. Not only did I get two fillings done for free, when I go in every six months for follow-up, I get a $20 gift card (I’m hoping for Target again). While the fillings themselves were about as to be expected (I require a lot of Novocaine…I wasn’t sure I had a lower jaw anymore for about 6 hours after), the follow-ups take all of about 10 minutes. And I essentially get paid. Yay!