As much as I hate shoes, I seem to order an awful lot of them (and talk about them a lot, too). But for once, I did not order from Zappos. This is where I start in about my love affair with Crocs. Some of my friends are cringing at this (*waves to CJ*), some of you are ‘hell yeah!”-ing in agreement (*high-fives Lucy*).

I currently own 3 pairs of Crocs (and I’ve had 5 pairs total over the past 5 years) – brown fleece-lined clogs, teal mary jane flats (which are the only pair that I haven’t been crazy about), and black slingback flats. Oh my god, I lived in those slingbacks all summer. I even wore them on job interviews. They’re fantastic to wear on a plane, because they’re easily slipped on and off when going through security.

This morning, after discovering that the Crocs website will accept multiple coupon codes on a single order, and then locating coupon codes for both 20% and free shipping, I ordered a pair of black, polar fleece-lined clogs. Because I was in desperate need of something black, warm, and comfortable. And that preferable would not require socks. Because as much as I love socks (especially if I knit them myself), I’m not a fan of shoes and socks together. At least as far as comfort goes – hell, I got a pair of Dansko mary janes because I wanted to be able to see all my fabulous handknit socks with them.

Dammit, I should have thought to order some new Jibbitz, too. Oh, well, I can get them at the Crocs store at Faneuil. Even Yankees Jibbitz! (Which is what I had to begin with, but I lost one of them :P ) But maybe I’ll get rhinestones this time.

Trying to figure out what, if anything, I’m going to do today. Laundry is apparently out because either one of my Landlords is home, or their cleaning lady is in (and she’d be using the machines, anyway). Not to mention that I want to do the sheets that are on my bed, and my bed is made (it was really warm last night, so I grabbed an extra sheet and slept on top of the covers). Of course, there are all those dishes (I fear I’m going to have to do some soaking in the bathtub again). On the other hand, I could use a few groceries. But on the other hand, I’m tired of going to the Shaw’s in Porter Square. I’m tired of going a lot of places. But I’m limited because of my reliance on public transportation.

(the above paragraph is in memory of Joseph Stein, writer of the book for Fiddler on the Roof, who passed away on Sunday)

Dentist went fine yesterday. Gift card was for Shaw’s, so I went to the one at Prudential that has a liquor section and put the card towards a bottle of limoncello. And in case you were wondering, I did do some of the grocery shopping I needed to do while I was there. But they didn’t have pizza dough (plus if I recall correctly, that in-store bakery isn’t as good as the one at Porter, anyway), and I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of carrying home a carton of eggs through both the Orange and Red Lines at rush hour.

I also went to the library yesterday. No, I’m not at the top of the list yet for Spider Bones (I’m #6). I returned a few books, and, as usual, walked out with more than I took back – Ina’s first Barefoot Contessa cookbook, Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess, a book about baking, a book on the music of the spheres, and another mystery/thriller I had been wanting to read.

So maybe I’ll just go read in my bedroom until I get the motivation to do dishes (or answer some e-mails that I’ve had waiting in my inbox since April).