So…how do you effectively annoy a metro-Boston commuter? You announce the following every five minutes:

“Attention Red Line passengers: we are experiencing delays due to a disabled train at [insert station 2-3 stops before the one you’re at].”

Okay, fine. Delays on the Red Line like that are pretty much a daily occurrence these days. But what if you really, REALLY want to piss everyone off? After 20 minutes of the above announcement (with no trains coming through whatsoever), you switch to the following:

“Attention Red Line passengers: the next train to [Ashmont, Braintree, or Alewife – whichever one you need] is NOT taking any passengers. Please stay behind the yellow line.”

And then you make them wait another 10 minutes for a completely packed train. And for those (such as myself) who refuse to be a sardine,  several more after that for a not-quite-as-packed train.

Kendall to Copley. Normally should take maybe 15 minutes; took me an hour (because, of course, then I had to have delays on the Green Line).

Yes, it could have been worse. It could have been rush hour (when I had that one happen last winter, I turned to the woman standing next to me at Park Street and said, “I think the only appropriate response to this is, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?'”). Or they could have been ending service at a completely inconvenient station and running shuttle buses. Or it could have been both.

Honestly…I was annoyed, but I really wasn’t. I think I was more irked at the typical-ness of it, the “Oh, come on – AGAIN?” factor. I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be, I wasn’t in any rush. I’m just tired of the sameness of the MBTA, of being held hostage to their whims and faults.

Anyway…I was back at Copley because I went to the library again – I finally got Spider Bones! Though I am a little miffed with the BPL about it – I got an e-mail this morning saying that a another book I had requested was in. I didn’t want to make two separate trips in if I didn’t have to, so I checked my account on the website to get an idea as to when I would be at the top of the list for Spider Bones. And it turned out that that was also ready for pick-up. So I went in. Books on hold are self pick-up – they’re shelved by your last name and you go find them. The other book I requested was there; Spider Bones was not. So I was a little pissed. Sure, I hadn’t gotten the e-mail about it, but why was my account updated if the book really wasn’t ready (and I got online on Joy and double-checked, too)?

On a hunch, I took a wander by the New Fiction shelves. Sure enough, a copy of Spider Bones was there. So I snagged it and came home (well, after stopping in Porter to finally do my grocery shopping. During which I forgot coffee. :P ).

And now to figure out something for dinner…