Before I posted last night, I’d had all of two site views for the day. Within a couple of hours of posting, I was up to 19.  Naturally, I wondered why. And when looking at my stats page, it said under top searches “origami refrigerator.” I don’t know if they used quotes or not (seriously, folks – the secret to my amazing Google-fu? Boolean logic.), but it had me thinking. And my main thought was, Hey – maybe my blog is a googlewhack!

(As I know at least one of you – hi, The Mom – is wondering, what the hell is a ‘googlewhack?’ allow me to direct you here.)

So I went to Google (or rather, as I use Chrome for my browser, just to the address bar) and typed in ‘origami refrigerator’ (no quotes of any kind).

Over 150,000 hits. Nowhere near close to being a googlewhack.

Even worse, OooaR isn’t even on the first page of hits. Or the second. Or the third. It doesn’t even come up until page 7! At least (as of this evening), it’s the first hit on said page.

Need to keep working on my ninja marketing and drum up some more traffic.

Also need to order dinner. Because I went totally anal on my stove and sink today (yes, all of my dishes are done!), and I refuse to mess up all of my hard work for at least 24 hours.