I’ve gotten a few spam comments on here. Some are actually cleverly written so that you really have to think about whether or not it’s a real comment.  And then there was this (which I will admit, is pretty creative for spam):

This was interesting and ive forwarded it on to all my friends on planet zikzar45. IF they like what you have written they may spare your life
but if they dont, well you should prepare your will. Earthling.

This was followed by links for colon cleansing, penny auctions, and electric cigarettes. In any case, if I can’t get a job or book deal here in Boston, it’s good to know that there’s always Zikzar 45.

Been doing some “winterizing,” namely putting the plastic shrink wrap stuff on my windows. I actually have prior shrink wrapping experience – during undergrad I spent several months working in the copy center of a large chain office supply store. The shrink wrap set-up was kept there (roll of plastic bag stuff, heated cutter, and a super-power hair dryer), both for customer orders (yes, customers could bring in stuff to be shrink-wrapped) and for re-wrapping product (wrap got damaged on the sales floor, a return was in sell-able condition but minus the shrink wrap). I learned how to shrink wrap on my very first day. When you got bored, you started shrink wrapping everything you could find – your name tag, the phone, rubber stamps, your co-worker’s hands…I think we would have shrink wrapped the high-volume copier.

Lucy got me hooked on playing FrontierVille on Facebook (Lucy sometimes warps me. But that’s why we love her). I’m approximately 1900 coins away from getting married. Yes, the ease that my avatars have at this does indeed annoy me to no end.

Nothing much else to report around here…as of this morning I completely burned down my large Lilac Blossom jar. I think this is the first time I’ve been without a single Lilac Blossom candle in about two and a half years. Very scary…trying to find some new artwork for my living room and maybe my bedroom…weird dream last night involving giant sunflowers and green apples on trees…trying to figure out a way to effectively yet cheaply make huge chalkboards for my office, so I can re-teach myself calculus/teach myself higher mathematics and be like Charlie on Numb3rs (I’ve been TiVoing reruns. And reading The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. Which I actually own.)…discovered that I do not like Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo One (I think it was too gentle for my hair. I went back to the Awapuhi shampoo)…been trying to perfect my impersonation of Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story 2 (my favorite line is in the outtakes – “…and some crayons, in case you get bored…), as that’s kinda how I talk to myself.

Finally watched National Treasure, after having the DVD from Netflix for almost 6 months (I have Netflix primarily for streaming stuff through my Wii. But the while the entire Battlestar Galactica series has finally become available for streaming, the pilot miniseries is still only available on DVD. So I had to finally watch the DVD I had so I could send it back and get the next one) – was not impressed. I would have preferred to see more about the treasure hunt and the history, rather than the action stuff. Freaked me out at first how much the architecture in Philadelphia looked like part of Boston and Cambridge (Harvard specifically came to mind), until I remembered that it was from the same time period.

It did dawn on me that I really need to go to Philly. Hard to believe that as an American History dork, I’ve never been there.

Also been watching (okay, TiVoing and watching the next day) Conan, which I watch in my usual talk-show fashion: I watch the monologue and sketches and usually end up fast-forwarding through the guests and musical acts.

Time for a little more FrontierVille, browsing of knitting patterns, and then maybe some TV/movies and knitting, and then bed.

And then, tomorrow! An exciting day of…ooh, the library, Staples, and the post office. Please? Relationship? Job? Now? Please?!?!