For some reason, I was thinking about a reference I’d made (At least mentally) to The West Wing (actually, I was trying to remember what said reference was; other than being pretty sure it was a first season episode, I have absolutely no recollection). And as I was opening the fridge to get out my water pitcher. I had this “conversation” with myself:

– I could probably come up with a West Wing reference for just about anything.

– Uh huh.

– *eyes fall on carton of eggs* CJ trying to balance the egg at 12:01 on the vernal equinox, “Evidence of Things Not Seen.”

– Okay, that’s one.

– *eyes fall on jug of milk* Bartlet telling the audience at his campaign speech in NH that he screwed over the dairy farmers so that it wouldn’t be too hard for families to buy milk, “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I.”

– Mand, you’re a wack job.

– Yeah, tell me something I don’t know.