Today’s wack job-ness?

I’ve felt the strong need over the past couple of weeks, for several reasons, to just sit at home (where else am I going to be?) by myself (again, like there’s going to be anyone with me?) and just get hammered (hey, the one plus to being unemployed – doesn’t matter if I have a hangover in the middle of the week!). Basically, the only thing stopping me was lack of drinkable alcohol suitable for the purpose (I tried with butterscotch schnapps…yeah, keep laughing…). This afternoon I finally stopped by Liquor World for a six-pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager and a bottle of (very cheap) tequila.

Wack job-ness Part I: when doing tequila shots this evening (I only did two, even though I know you’re supposed to stop on an odd number less than ten), I used kosher salt.

Wack job-ness Part II: I keep forgetting to get myself some shot glasses. So what did I use? The plastic measuring cup that came with the bottle of NyQuil.  Which is also funny in its full circle-ness – I used to have a terrible time taking any kind of medicine, liquid or pills (nowadays I’m a regular pill popper). When I had a horrible cold and needed to get down some NyQuil I had to train myself to do it by treating it like a shot (not all that hard, since it is 20 proof) – I’d pour it into a real shot glass and even have a chaser ready.

BTW – I’d like to settle the debate on this once and for all: Green NyQuil is better. End of story.