I just haven’t had much to say lately. Nothing has changed – I’m still unemployed, still always alone; still wondering if it’s just time to give it all up.

I tried Nigella Lawson’s recipe for snickerdoodles the other night. They were good (I finished them this morning), but they were slightly different from any other snickerdoodle recipe I had used in the past – no cream of tartar. So the dough balls pretty much stayed as balls – they didn’t flatten out.

The calculus textbook I requested from the library finally came, so I picked that up yesterday, and I’ve been working with  functions. And I remembered, once again, how much I dislike applied mathematics. Give me an equation, let me sole it. I don’t care if the numbers represent the temperature in Fahrenheit as a function of the temperature in Celsius. But I’m going to move on to exponential functions shortly, so I should find that easier (yes, I find the supposedly harder math to be easier. Always have.). Also made a discovery that they really should emphasize to college freshman – calculus goes really well with beer. Maybe I wouldn’t have quit after Calc II if I’d known that as an undergrad.

I’m leaving the house shortly to go to Harvard, because I do studies for the cash. Yes, that is what my life has come to – doing psychology and marketing studies so I can attempt to keep Bank of America off my back a little bit.

And then tomorrow morning I’m flying out to Buffalo for Thanksgiving, coming home on the 29th. Once again, who knows how much I’ll be able to post, as Verizon is being really horrible to my parents’ area these days. And of course, here’s hoping I actually wake up on time instead of oversleeping by an hour and a half. :P

Maybe I’ll actually post more later this evening, though I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.