(This is post #42, which requires a gratuitous shout-out to CJ.)

I have done all of my dishes. I cleaned my stove. I vacuumed the living room and bedroom. I swept and mopped the kitchen floor. I did laundry this morning, including my sheets. I’ve made my bed and put the laundry away. I’ve showered and moisturized.  I set my alarm (and have checked it about 37 times). I gave all of my plants a good soaking. I’m 95% packed (need to decide fully on toiletries in the morning), including the oyster crackers for Simon. Yes, I’m bringing home oyster crackers for my dog. I even made a special trip to Whole Foods for them, because they’re his favorite brand and it’s the only place I’ve found them.

(Okay, the story – when we first got Simon almost 4 years ago, he couldn’t catch treats. I had a bag of oyster crackers in the house, so I just started tossing them at him. He quickly picked up on the idea – he’s now an ace at catching treats. And he loves oyster crackers, especially the ones that come in small bags with your soup at restaurants – my parents bring them home for him. Or rather they just take them out to him in the car, because that’s where he usually is when they go to dinner. Yes, my parents take Simon almost everywhere. He’s even come to pick me up at the airport.)

Now I just need to take a melatonin, brush my teeth, and go to bed. Small catch – I’m in the living room, I have to cross the kitchen to get to the bathroom and my bedroom, and the kitchen floor is still wet.

In case you were wondering, yes, the calculus text is coming with me in my carry-on. Sadly, my TI-83 and my white board (I bought an 11×17 board which is working out well while I’m just sitting in my living room, being a dork) are not. At least there’s a scientific calculator on my iPod, and I think there might be apps for more sophisticated calculators.

I have a theory that Apple kinda “borrowed” their marketing for apps from the Catholic Church. Before we add this one to the List of Reasons Why Amanda is a Wack Job, let me explain: I was researching saints a few weeks back, noting (not for the first time) that there’s basically a saint for everything. Which reminded me of “There’s an app for that.” I tried telling The Mom that the Church needs an ad campaign centered around “There’s a saint for that.” I’m not sure she thought I was all that sane. Of course, I’m still having trouble explaining to her why I need to carry a towel in my tote bag.

I’m thinking about getting some goldfish when I get back next week. Partly improve the chi in my apartment (because it doesn’t seem like anything I’ve done so far has really had a lasting effect), and partly just to have something alive to talk to, even if they don’t talk back. The question of course then is, what do I name them? My first thought is to go with cooking show hosts, because I really want to name a fish Bobby Fillet. Next thought is Yankees players, which of course would include Yogi Barracuda. Or all of the Puerto Rican characters in West Side Story. And then there’s always pilot callsigns from Battlestar Galactica. Or I just get one goldfish and name her Gail.

Okay, it’s been 45 minutes, so I’m guessing the kitchen floor is dry by now.