Presenting, for the first time…Origami on Location!

Said location is the computer room at my parents’ house (which was my bedroom for the first five years of my life). And I won’t be on location for much longer, as I’ll be flying back to Boston in about 18 hours.

I did wake up on time when I flew out. I even put on makeup and my contacts. I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. And I didn’t have to go through the full-body scanner (I’ve been through it at the Buffalo airport. It really made me feel violated. Not enough to make me opt for the enhanced pat-down, but definitely uncomfortable.). Also managed to avoid the Terminal C Dunkies with horrible service, by using the self-serve Dunkies (also in Terminal C).

I’m looking forward to going back (well, not the body scanner part). If only because I realized that if I have to be cold and lonely, I’d rather do it all by myself in my apartment than here at home with my parents (though I did get to spend quality time with Blanche). The TV isn’t blaring at all hours and I take responsibility for my own clutter (who am  going to blame it on – Yonder, my stuffed dog?). It’ll be nice to get home  and walk into my apartment (even if it will be cold and empty) – my living room is clean and vacuumed, my kitchen is clean and mopped, including all of the dishes; and my bedroom is clean and vacuumed and I made my bed before I left.

(If you get why my stuffed dog is named Yonder, you’re awesome)

NaNoWriMo ended up being a complete bust for me this year, again. I’m pretty disappointed in myself – I just lost steam and ambition, right at the get-go. I’ll probably keep working on it, because I think it’s an interesting idea, even if I’m not totally in love with it. And I know I can set the challenge for myself at any time, but it doesn’t feel the same.

And I think it’s bedtime.