When I post more, I get more traffic. Who knew?!

I went to the gym today. You know, I have mentioned before that I’m a plus-size girl (no, I’m not telling my weight. Not like I know what it is, anyway – I refuse to own a scale). And if you were to make an assessment of me based solely on BMI, you’d be sitting there in anticipation, waiting for me to keel over from a heart attack. Or expecting me to be calling out for oxygen.

Uh huh.

Yeah…so if I’m supposedly just waiting for Death to answer the door, how come I was able to run 3 miles on the elliptical this afternoon? How come I was able to break an 11-minute mile, after not having been to the gym at all in 3+ months, without even breaking a sweat?

Okay, I did break a sweat. But a normal sweat – I never even soaked through my t-shirt at all. And I wasn’t gasping for breath or wheezing at any time, either – that’s right, I actually have a pretty damn good cardiovascular system. No asthma for this girl, whatsoever.

But what about your joints? Aren’t you in constant pain?

Well, my knee hurts a little bit. It tends to do that after extended periods of activity, especially in the cold, ever since I injured it ten years ago. At a dance audition. When I was a good 50+ pounds heavier than I am now. And I totally kicked ass at that audition, too.

But you must be sick all the time!

Umm, I get hay fever? The occasional seasonal cold? I had perfect attendance when I was in elementary school. And middle school. And high school. That’s right – 12 years straight. I’ve never had the chicken pox. I’ve never had to take any kind of antibiotics, ever. I have one hell of an immune system.

Actually, the awesome immune system I attribute to generally avoiding antibacterial products and having no fear of germs or dirt.

And this “walking timebomb” has cookies to bake. So there. :P