My feelings about the holidays in general aside (trust me, that’s an entire post unto itself. Maybe two posts. Or sixteen.), I take issue with the song “White Christmas,” by Irving Berlin. His first wife having been a Buffalo girl, Irving Berlin has spent time in Buffalo. He knew what Buffalo winters are like. How the hell could he long for snow after that?

Obviously, between Facebook, chatting with friends, and taking to my parents on the phone, I’m well aware that Buffalo got it’s first major snowfall this week (it snowed while I was there for Thanksgiving, but what had been touted as a major lake effect event ended up barely being a dusting). It’s been a weird snowfall, though – my parents only got a few inches, while some of my friends really got socked.  I’ve seen pictures, of yards and cars and The Thruway. Yesterday was a pretty big snow day for the schools.

Here in Boston/the People’s Republic? We had sunshine, green grass, and temps somewhere in the low-to-mid 40’s (I think). I went to the gym and running errands wearing just a heavyweight hoodie. Yeah…I like the weather here a lot better, thanks.

But just because I like not having to deal with so much snow doesn’t mean I’ve lost my ability to deal with it. If I had a car, I’d be the master at digging it out and getting on the road. Not to mention being the one non-Masshole out on said road, because I know how to deal with extreme conditions.  I know about the beauty of all-weather radials, and that you spend whatever money it takes to get the most heavy-duty snow brush/ice scraper combo you can find, preferably with a telescoping handle (I think I broke three snow brushes during my first semester of law school, before I found one at BJ’s that lasted me at least five years, until I moved to Boston. And I think one of my parents still uses it.). I know to keep a shovel in my trunk, as well as a twenty-five pound bag of kitty litter (weight and traction).

I wish I had something specific to do, outside of the house. Sure, I go to the gym, and running errands. But it’s not enough.