I’ve had it with this. Every time I come back from a trip to Buffalo, my circadian rhythms get all out of whack, and I have no idea why. It’s not like I’m going back and forth to a different time zone.  Nor did I change my sleep schedule any while I was at my parents’. But the past two trips, I come home to the People’s Republic and I spend the next week practically nocturnal. Doesn’t matter if I take anything, I’m lucky if I go to sleep before 2, and I end up waking up sometime between 9 and 10. I like sleep, but I don’t like that I have to do it for long periods of time. I’d much prefer to be able to be both a morning person and a night owl, and only need 6-ish hours of sleep. But since that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon, I need to get back on a more diurnal schedule.

Granted, I suppose it’s still better than when I came back after the Fourth of July and had horrible insomnia for six weeks straight.

And of course, I’m going to Buffalo again for Christmas and New Year’s. And because I was trying to get a combination of decently priced Jet Blue flights at reasonable times (there was no way in hell I was flying back to Boston on a flight that left Buffalo at 5:50am) and I currently have no work schedule to worry about, I’m flying out the evening of the 21st and returning late on the 1st. I really didn’t want to stay so long for a variety of reasons, but at least I’ll get to spend time with Blanche and Dorothy (who I didn’t get to see over Thanksgiving) and maybe other people who I haven’t seen in forever.  And considering that The Dad just retired this past week, The Mom and I can battle it out for Who Gets to Kill The Dad First?

My latest online guilty pleasure is Food Network Humor. With the exception of Ina, I really don’t care much for the Food Network anymore. So I am loving the snark (and while most of the jabs at Ina I don’t like, I will admit I find some of them apropos).

And I am especially in love with the bloggers dislike of Sandra Lee. As I posted on Facebook last night, I hate Sandra Lee with a passion I normally reserve for the BloSox. Honestly? If were forced to watch a baseball game between the Sox and Sandra Lee, I just might have to root for the Sox. Or slit my throat – I haven’t quite decided yet. If I were still a NYS resident and if Carl Paladino hadn’t been looming evil on the gubernatorial ballot, Sandra Lee would have been reason enough for me to not vote for Andrew Cuomo.

(And now, what I really wanted to title this post, but didn’t: Everybody Doesn’t Like Sandra Lee. And now you understand the title I did use.)

Anyway, certain pictures on FNH now have me wanting breakfast from McDonald’s (specifically, a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and hash browns). Of course, while there are two McD’s in walking distance of my apartment (even though they’re both sketchy; then again, I have yet to find an urban fast food location that isn’t sketchy), the problem now is that it’s just about 1:30pm.

I may go to the gym today. Or I may not. On the one hand, I don’t want to overdo it as I just get back into it (I’ve gone three times in the past 6 days). On the other hand, I need to step up my game. But in the meantime, I’m going to find some lunch and then do some more knitting and watching TiVo’d stuff.

(and maybe go through eps of Barefoot Contessa with the Ina Garten Rules section of the FNH Drinking Game…)