Spent a few days this week fairly sick. Was about to ask if you’d missed me, but after watching this weeks episode of Bones , which in many ways is my worst nightmare (parts of which I already live), I don’t think I want to know the answer.

Another episode last night of The Old and the Restless…you know, Landlords and their Viagra-induced, late-night activities? Last night I was trying to fall asleep around 1:30am and I kept hearing a thumping noise. Careful listening revealed it to be furniture, and then some noises that I absolutely will not describe.

But I ended up with yet another bizarre dream. I’ll have to check it out on Dream Moods, but I actually do understand where a lot of the elements came from.  I was looking at the sheet music for a show that was apparently in the same musical style as Chess but with a similar plot and aesthetic to H.M.S. Pinafore. The song I was looking at was to be sung by a character named Hannah and was called “The National Treasury.”

I have several thoughts going for future posts, namely how conservatives have it wrong when they say liberals hate America; homeschooling; and the law of attraction. But I’m too preoccupied tonight to concentrate on any of them. Not to mention that my thoughts on the first two will probably be controversial (somehow, I don’t think I’ll get dog shit thrown st my windows for my opinions on The Secret).

I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight, because I want to get up early and get to the gym. I would love to be able to get my kitchen cleaned tonight, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen. Probably won’t happen until tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Might also rearrange my living room (again), depending on what I learn from the feng shui book I’m currently reading. And it’s definitely time to order some new art for my living room, specifically to replace one poster in general. Now to just figure out what said replacement will be. And I need more artwork on the other walls, to cover up the cold off-white walls. My apartment needs to be “warmer.”

I saw a group selling a fudge in Harvard Square Station yesterday. I considered buying some, until I realized that it was the Boy Scouts. Had they approached me, I would have cheerily explained that I do not support organizations that promote intolerance (yes, I know it’s more complex than that; I don’t need hate mail). Of course, now I realize that who ever organized this fundraiser is either completely oblivious or has a wicked sense of humor, by potentially portraying the Boy Scouts as fudge packers.

And I was trying not to be controversial tonight.