I’ve been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain lately: “I’m Anthony Bourdain. I write. I travel. I eat. And I’m hungry for more.”

Which makes me wonder if I need a new tagline: “I’m Amanda [Last Name]. I write…sometimes. I would travel, if I had more than $4 to my name. I eat, because otherwise all the cookies I bake would go stale. And I’d really just like income and love and a show, thanks.

I actually have a lot to do today, tomorrow, and Tuesday morning/afternoon (I’m flying to Buffalo Tuesday night). Laundry, cleaning, baking cookies, and knitting. Lots of knitting. Not only has my lack of income limited me to handmade gifts, I’m also limited to yarn that is already in my stash. So while it may sound cool that I’m (attempting at) spending no money on gifts, it’s also pretty depressing. Especially when doing Christmas Eve with my true-yuppie brother and SIL, The Dude and Cameron (The Big Lebowski is one of my brother’s favorite movies; my SIL is a dead ringer for Cameron Diaz), who can afford to give my The Mom and The Dad things like Fleetwood Mac tickets and Coach handbags.

Granted, that will probably changing in the next year, with the springtime arrival of Shamrock…I know a good chunk of you have heard already, but for the few who haven’t (because we’ve all been asked not to post it on Facebook), yes, I’m going to be an aunt.  No word on gender (they don’t want to know; or, as I see it, Cameron doesn’t want to know and The Dude thinks he doesn’t want to know, but he’ll eventually cave because he can’t stand not knowing stuff), so I have dubbed him/her as Shamrock while in utero. But my money is on girl. Hell, I even have a prediction for the kid’s name.

I really haven’t had a lot to say lately. Actually, that isn’t quite true. I do have a lot to say, I’m just not always sure how to say it. Or even if I want to say it. Some of it is just too controversial and I really have no desire to offend any of my friends. And some of it is of a nature that while I don’t mind my friends and/or the general public reading it, I don’t need a phone call from The Mom immediately after she reads it.

And in keeping with the theme of this post, I had to laugh when I read the first line of my horoscope today: Abide by the rules. An emotional encounter with a neighbor, friend or relative will be because someone overreacted or was overindulgent. Curb your habits and refuse to argue and you’ll avoid trouble. A quiet evening with someone special will pay off. 2 stars