Once again, it’s Origami on Location.

I always fly JetBlue to Buffalo and back, as I’ve mentioned before. They’re reasonably priced, they’re comfortable (for coach, anyway), and they have DirecTV. However, on my flight Tuesday night, the DirecTV was out. Not all that big of a deal, really, as I had my iPod, knitting, and a book. But it still would have been nice to have. But…yesterday morning I got an e-mail: as compensation for the DirecTV outage, they’ve credited us passengers $15. This is the third time they’ve done something like this for a flight I was on, for matters outside of their control,  in 18 months. This is why I love JetBlue.


As I previously mentioned I wanted to do, I did leave the country on Wednesday and went up to Niagara-on-the-Lake. A couple of things about that:

– The only thing colder than the wind off of Lake Erie is the wind off of Lake Ontario. I went down to Queen’s Royal Park, right on the shore of Lake Ontario, like I always do because I like it. I got there, looked at the water for three seconds, and turned around and walked back up to the main drag.

– On the signs at the exits on the QEW, listing the fast food places, gas stations, hotels, etc., is it really necessary to list Tim Hortons? I mean, isn’t it just a given that there will be a Tim Hortons every 100 metres?


The Mom has gotten hooked on Angry Birds on her phone. Every so often I hear her moans of distress at just missing completing a level, followed by multiple obscenities directed at The Dude, for suggesting she install the app in the first place.


You may end up with pics from me yet (not of me…of things I bake, most probably), as The Mom and The Dad gave me a Canon Powershot 1300IS for Christmas. Now I’ll also have to figure out how to use Picasa, as my Flickr account is almost full and I can’t afford to upgrade it.

I am actually probably going to go to Midnight Mass. I want to go, but I have my reservations about it, too, and not all of them have to do with questions of faith. And for someone who stays up to 1am on a regular basis (including last night, which was followed by 4 hours of tossing and turning, an anxiety attack, and half an hour of reading before I was able to pass out for 4 hours), I’m getting sleepy. Seems to happen every year – me falling half-asleep in the pew used to be a regular occurrence;  last year I passed out at 10:30. Even though I had coffee with dessert, that glass of wine with dinner probably wasn’t such a good idea.

So much I’d really like to say, but this is neither the time nor the place to say it. Suffice it to say, this is the year that I really need a Christmas miracle. Also suffice it to say, I think I’ve stopped believing in them.