Still Origami on Location.

I think I won Who Wants to Kill The Dad First? – less than 4 hours. If anything, being here for so long just reaffirms that I can never again live with my parents, or even in the same geographical area. Because it would just become a story on the evening news, ending with “…and then she turned the gun on herself.”

(Yes, I borrowed that from the 2006 Two and a Half Men episode, “Walnuts and Demerol.” I love that episode.)

Blanche and I have been to Wegmans twice this week. When I mention Wegmans, those of you living near a Wegmans are thinking, well, of course. Why wouldn’t you? Those who have experienced Wegmans but no longer live near one are thinking, *yearning whimper* oh, Wegmans…how I miss you! And those who have no idea what I’m talking about are adding to your list of Reasons Why Amanda is a Wack-Job.

Wegmans is the greatest grocery store chain ever. Better than Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, even. And waaay bigger – in true WNY supermarket fashion, even the smaller Wegmans are hugemongous – probably about three times the size of the largest Whole Foods I’ve been to. And the store brand cheetos are even better than the name brand Cheetos.

Wegmans has all the answers. Seriously – Blanche and I found awesome, reasonably priced gravy boats, and sugar and creamer sets there over Thanksgiving; tonight Blanche found the picture frame she was looking for.  I seriously want to go sit in the cafe and meditate, because maybe that’s how I’ll get my answers. I wish there were Super Wegmans – you know, like Super Wal-Mart and Super Target. Once when I was in law school I needed to buy bread and windshield wipers and I was really annoyed that I couldn’t do both at Wegmans. Except I think it would need a different name than Super Wegmans. Like MEGA-Wegmans!

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been doing psychology and marketing studies for the cash. I also do them online, for chances in gift card raffles. A couple of weeks ago I actually won $50 in Amazon gift codes, which I finally used today – Epic Mickey and the game guide. I paid a total of $0.98.

Getting sleepy and I have a book I’d like to finish by tomorrow (only going to hit 29 or 30 books for the year; last year I hit 36, and my goal was 50. *sigh*), not to mention some knitting (took me a week to locate cable needles, of all things). Time to call it a night.