I really did have good intentions for today. Like leaving the house. Going to the gym. Running a few errands.

Nope. I worked on a couple of knitting projects while watching a bunch of Numb3rs reruns I TiVo-ed while I was away. Granted, the knitting needs to be done (one project is The Dad’s Christmas gift, which due to a cabling mishap I wasn’t able to finish by Christmas Eve. Or before I left Buffalo. And then I forgot it on the family room coffee table and The Mom had to mail it to me and I just go it today. Other projects will be explained in the next month or so, I hope).

And staying in my apartment all day, my only human interactions being talking on the phone with The Mom and the delivery guy who brought dinner (pizza), means I have nothing really of any amusement to share with you today. Though I am a bit saner, not having had to interact with tourists or crazies. But in addition to general boredom and lack of feelings of accomplishment for me, there’s also boredom for you, due to lack of entertainment value in my life.

(Though I did get to interact with a classic crazy at the library on Monday – one of those homeless/druggie/possibly schizophrenic types who kept looking stuff up on the card catalog and taking notes on these little cards, which he had stacked up in piles around the computer. Each stack was probably 4-5 inches high, containing at least 250 notecards each. And there were at least 5 stacks.)

(And I never mentioned the time I got to watch a guy go down to the tracks in South Station, just to pee, did I?)

On a completely unrelated note, I really, really miss having a laptop that actually functions as a laptop. So I could be on the computer and watch TV at the same time. Or take it into my office and *gasp* actually do work there.

Sorry to keep it short tonight, folks, but I am trying to write more regularly. Now if I could successfully apply that to the gym…

But I think it’s going to be some sort of sleep aid and then finishing Top Chef (it’s on the TiVo) while I wait or the drowsy to kick in, and then go to bed.