In no particular order, just how they’re coming to me.

  1. Tourists who consult maps/guidebooks in public, especially on the T. They’re just asking for ridicule and/or assault
  2. Red Sox fans who are not regular users of the T.
  3. Strollers and wheelchairs on the bus during rush hour
  4. Open toilets – this isn’t just the couple’s eternal argument of seat up or down; I want the seat AND the lid closed. An open toilet, whether the seat itself is up or down, just looks absolutely disgusting.
  5. People who dare to speak on the T before 9am.
  6. Anyone else riding the public transportation at rush hour.
  7. Referring to the shopping mecca of WNY as “The Galleria Mall”. The name of the place is Walden Galleria.  ‘Galleria’ is synonymous with ‘mall’. Quit calling it The Mall Mall. This goes double for all members of the WNY television media.
  8. Being micromanaged.
  9. Constant changes in the time of my mail delivery. Dear USPS – figure out a system for your route and stick with it, please.
  10. That the main characters in Mamma Mia just didn’t get a freaking DNA test.
  11. The casting of Amy Adams in Julie & Julia (the casting of Meryl Streep, however, was genius; I pegged her for a Golden Globe nomination and win, and an Oscar nomination the moment I saw it).
  12. The Dad. He could be a list on his own (and I’m sure The Mom is killing herself laughing in agreement), so we’ll just leave it at that.
  13. Bullying tactics of the Republican Party.
  14. Hating on President Obama.
  15. Hating on either one of the Clintons.
  16. That yarn manufacturers don’t wind yarn into center-pull balls when they package it for distribution and sale.
  17. Justin Beiber (yeah I know he’s on eeryone’s list).
  18. Lindsay Lohan, post Mean Girls
  19. Hilary Duff, at all times
  20. Drew Barrymore (except for The Wedding Singer)
  21. Angelina Jolie (yes, I’m still holding out for a Brad-and-Jen reconciliation)
  22. Sylvester and Tweety, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, Tom and Jerry – you can only watch for so long before you get that the former is never going to catch the later, and is only going to keep getting injured in the process.
  23. Pepe Le Pew – leave that poor little black kitty alone! (I have a very soft spot for shy, introverted black kitties, such as my beloved Nina)
  24. Re-tellings of Alice in Wonderland that turn Wonderland into a dystopia.
  25. Re-tellings of Alice in Wonderland that make the Mad Hatter a much larger character than originally written; even worse, when he’s then paired with Alice romantically.


Okay, I think 25 is good for a first installment.