Given: I get more visits when I write more often.
Given: I like it when I get a lot of traffic.
Therefore: I should write more often.

Also given: I have no life.
And: Having no life means nothing to write to the blog about.

Somehow, I don’t think you’d appreciate some of my middle and high school required-journal tricks, such as copying in the entire lyrics to The Lion King.

It snowed today. A lot. Which means that metro Boston rolled over and played dead, in hopes of scaring the snow away. Psst, Boston! Take a tip from Buffalo, where we have experience with these things – it doesn’t work.  You accept winter weather as a minor inconvenience and go on with your lives. Three years of law school in Buffalo and we never once had a snow day – I vividly recall my 1L year, the first day of class after Thanksgiving, trudging uphill (I’m serious!) in three feet of lake effect snow to go to class.

Seriously – had I car (not to mention boots), I would have been driving today.

And “snow days” are no novelty and no fun when you didn’t have anywhere you didn’t want to be to begin with (please tell me that made sense).

You would have thought that, being trapped in the house all day, I would have baked up a storm. Nope – I’ve been back for a week and a half and I’ve baked all of once (chocolate chip cookie bars, which were ‘eh’). I was cutting back on baking partially because I don’t need the calories, partially because this evening was the first time I’d done dishes since at least my open letter to Anthony Bourdain, and the only thing that got me to do them tonight (and I still haven’t finished) was that I needed to cook dinner. And I had to cook dinner because I’m not that much of a bitch as to make delivery people have to drive in the snow (just because I can do it better than the majority of the residents of Massachusetts doesn’t mean I like it), and I couldn’t just skip dinner because then my blood sugar and emotional state become BFF with Garth Brooks (“I got friends in low places…”).

But I’ve been kinda experimental with cooking, at least…tonight, well, wasn’t experimental, but it was yummy comfort food – chocolate chip and pecan pancakes. No fancy recipe – Heart Smart Bisquick, recipe on the box (halved); used Ebb Beaters, added the sugar and vanilla for the melt-in-your-mouth variation, and a handful of chocolate chips and chopped pecans.

I’m reading a (so far) fascinating book, The Music Of The Spheres: Music, Science, And The Natural Order Of The Universe, by Jamie James. I’m only in the second chapter, but it’s something I really tend to “get.” Which also kinda disconcerts me. I’ll explain it more in a future post, probably after I finish it. But basically, someone once told that, considering my interest in and grasping of these kinds of concepts, that I was more highly evolved than most. On the contrary, I wonder if I’m actually amongst the last of a dying breed.