Quick question: Anybody know if Walgreens in MA are selling Big Flats Beer, or does that come under the wacky liquor laws?

Yes, I’ve read the reviews and am aware that it’s barely drinkable. But it’s made by Genesee Brewing Co., home of many a barely-drinkable swill, such as the (in)famous Genny Cream Ale…which brings me back to the Stanley Cup Finals of 1999, aka NO GOAL!!!  Because strangely enough, that’s what Blanche, Zola, and I were drinking (because you’d think that three Buffalo girls watching hockey would be drinking Labatt Blue) before we headed out to Denny’s to get something to eat and subsequently were informed of the injustice by our waitress.

Speaking of adventures in the late 90’s with Blanche and Zola, and Denny’s, here’s a piece of advice: when your child calls home and says he or she is at Denny’s, make sure you ask what country said Denny’s is in.

And speaking of beer, how I realized that I have gone New England: I’ve lost my taste for Labatt Blue Light. As in when I’m out in Buffalo, I order Sam Adams.

Dinner tonight was semi-experimental. I tend to not be a fan of vegetables. So no one is more shocked than I am at how much I’ve come to enjoy broccoli. I roast it, I order it with shrimp or chicken when I get Chinese (a couple of nights ago I got it with scallops). And tonight I tried making one of The Mom’s favorites, pasta broccoli.

I started with my go-to for down-home Italian cooking – Dom Deluise’s Eat This…It’ll Make You Feel Better. He has a recipe for broccoli with rigatoni, which is very similar to this one I found on AllRecipes.com.

My changes: I cut the olive oil by half (I think – I was estimating as I poured it out of the bottle), I used gemelli (because that’s what I had), chicken broth (which is what he originally wrote), and no basil (don’t have any).

In general, it worked well. I think it could have used more broccoli (no, I’m not kidding, but it was my bad in the first place – I’m terrible at judging amounts of broccoli), more garlic (but I think everything could always use more garlic), and more cheese (I think I used about 3 tablespoons). I used shredded Parmesan, but I think it would work better with grated.

I’ve gotten another fascinating new book, Quadrivium: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology. And I just picked up Katherine Neville’s A Calculated Risk from the library (I only skimmed through the jacket blurb, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in quite the same vein as her three other books).

At Blanche’s suggestion, I got a salt lamp for my living room a few months ago. It’s lovely and beautiful, but I couldn’t really say if it was helping my environment in any way – it might just be too small (it’s only about 6 lbs.). But for Christmas, The Mom gave me a salt candle holder- the label said it’s for votives, but as I don’t want to be cleaning wax out of it, I’m using tea lights. I’ve been keeping it in my bedroom, and I’ve left it burning as I fall asleep. And I swear it’s been helping me sleep better. So now I’m on the hunt for more (I’d really like a couple of the double tea light holders)

And with the remains of my Christmas money (after paying some bills), I did indeed finally upgrade to the TiVo Premiere, which should arrive on Monday or Tuesday (was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the weather kinda altered its path from Texas). Which means on Tuesday or Wednesday I get to fight with Comcast about just giving me the damn CableCARD and letting me install it myself instead of insisting on charging me a fortune to send out a guy (who will show up wt the very end of the window) who will take 30 seconds to shove a credit card up my TiVo’s ass (though hopefully he’d also take the set-top box back with him, then).

I keep a set of dry erase boards on the back of my front door. One is a weekly calendar and to-do list; the other is blank and I use it for an ongoing shopping list. It just occured to me that I should probably add “life” to the list of things I need to get.