First a posthumous Happy Birthday shout-out to Grandma, who was the sweetest yet snarkiest woman ever.  Today would have been her 98th birthday. If my great-aunt (her younger sister) is The Queen, Grandma was The Beatles.

Most people, The Dad included, tend to assume that I picked up my liberal politics from The Mom. And while she has certainly been an influence, it was Grandma who made sure I was started off in the left direction:

Fall 1984. I was six years old, in first grade. And it was my first Presidential election that I was intellectually aware of, President Reagan and Walter Mondale. We talked about it in my class – it was the cover story on our Weekly Reader. We kids talked about it on our own, at lunch and on the bus. And the day before Election Day (as this was back when we used to get the day off from school), we were going to have an election in our class.

So now I was torn – who was I going to vote for, Reagan or Mondale? I asked my friend who sat next to me in class – she was voting for Reagan. I asked The Mom – she was voting for Mondale. I asked The Dad – he was voting for Reagan. So I thought about it, and I decided that since the name Mondale sounded weirder than Reagan, I was going to vote for Reagan.

So I was at Grandma’s house, talking to her about the upcoming election. And I said that I was going to vote for Reagan. She said to me, “You shouldn’t vote for Reagan! He’s taking food away from the poor people!”

I voted for Mondale. And I’ve been a die-hard Democrat ever since.

(I really think the DNC could learn something from this.)


In other news, I’ve doon a little bit of cooking experimentation today. I have experimental smoothie pops in the freezer (more on those after they’ve frozen).

My other experiment…last year I spent a chunk of time reading Waffleizer – 30 Answers to the Question “Will it Waffle?”. My question of the day was, “Will it Pizza?”

Other than the obvious pizza dough, I’ve experimented with a lot of pizza bases, as I’m sure you have as well – crescent rolls, biscuits (both in the tube and from dough), pita, bagels, tortillas, naan. And of course probably the most famous, English muffins. And it was with that in mind that I tried today’s pizza base: Crumpets.

Yes, crumpets. I pick them up every so often at Whole Foods. And I had also (finally) picked up a jar of pizza sauce to try (I normally use Trader Joe’s sauce, but I don’t get to a TJ’s as regularly as I used to), and I already had some fresh mozz in the fridge, and I was looking for something for a quick lunch.

I don’t think I need to explain the construction. Popped them in the toaster oven for 10 minutes at 400.

Yep, it works! Works great – even better than English muffins.

I wonder if new Tio has arrived yet…