My TiVo Premiere arrived on Monday afternoon. I hooked it up last night. Of course, after discovering that I needed a cable that didn’t come with it and that I didn’t own, I had to go out in the rain to Radio Shack to buy it. Came home, got back to work, and realized that I didn’t need said cable after all.

*bangs head on the wall*

(Yes, I was able to repackage it and return it this afternoon. And then I went to the gym and averaged a 10:10 mile on the elliptical.)

Comcast came this morning to install the CableCARD. And I take back my disparaging remarks of two posts ago. Though the guy did come pretty close to the end of the window (I was given 8-11am; he came around 10:30. Not really a big deal, but I prefer to wake up naturally, which lately has been around 8:30, rather than to an alarm. I could have had another hour of sleep.), I was not charged a fortune (on the contrary – it was less than half of what I’d been expecting), and there did turn out to be some stuff that I couldn’t have done on my own (like doing stuff with the outside cable hookup, and cable splicing, and calling secret headquarters in Foxboro). And I didn’t have to walk half a mile to the service center, hauling a set-top box, and then home again (one of those places that is too close for me to take public transportation but too far to walk in cold, wet January with no boots).  And now I have pretty, pretty HD!

Okay, to be honest…I’ve had HD cable since late August. But my Series 2 TiVo didn’t have HD capability, so I never watched anything in HD. Though I have had HD before, back when I first moved to Boston and had a Comcast DVR. And of course watching it at my parents’ and friends’ houses.

Shows that look Awesome in HD:
The Daily Show
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Yankees games

Shows that are Damn Scary in HD:
The Price is Right
Barefoot Contessa (sorry, Ina)
any Rachel Ray show

And not only can I watch pretty, pretty HD now, I can record two digital channels at the same time. And stream Netflix through the TiVo box instead of the Wii, so I get all that in HD, too! And get YouTube and Pandora and Picasa.

The one problem: now that I don’t have a cable box anymore, I no longer have a clock in my living room. Granted, I am not a fan of clocks (or of the concept of time; I’m with Einstein that it’s just an illusion), but I do recognize the need to know the time of day. So now I have to buy a clock for the living room. Something appropriately adult and sophiscated but still somewhat kitschy. Ah, of course…ThinkGeek to the rescue!

While I really don’t like having a clock in my bedroom…I want this. And this is an awesome idea. But I think we all know that if we’re talking a clock for my living room, it would most likely be this.

I’ve been missing yoga a lot lately. Sure, I can do it at home – I have a couple of DVDs, plus Wii Fit, and I can stream DVDs on Netflix (I may do that yet tonight). But I’ve discovered I do much better if I go out and do it in a class. Not because of the people aspect – the whole ‘origami out of a refrigerator’ part is the one thing I don’t like – but because I can’t pause and check my email or play CityVille on Facebook (if I ever start playing FarmVille, please – somebody just have me locked up) or just stop if the skinny bitch instructor is getting on my nerves.

Okay, it’s bedtime. Or maybe yoga time. Or maybe watch-whatever-I-have-on-the-TiVo time.