It’s a good thing that I like chicken and absolutely love fish and seafood. And that neither are at all cuddly. Because otherwise, much to his chagrin, Anthony Bourdain would be turning me completely vegetarian.

Even before I went to law school, where I studied mainly criminal and family law, watching people kill/maim/hurt/whatever other people on crime dramas never bothered me. Well, some of it I find disturbing – Criminal Minds especially, these days – but it never bothered me, emotionally.

Animals, on the other hand, are a different story. Fiction or real, I can’t take any kind of mistreatment/harming/killing of most mammals. I have to change the channel or fast-forward whenever Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial comes on. There was an episode of Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago, back when I watched it, that had a deer die; I was an absolute wreck. Hunting (for food or sport), euthanasia, natural causes, whatever – I can’t take it. Probably stems from my lack of anything to cuddle in my life, human or feline/canine.

Last week I watched Anthony Bourdain in Brazil, on a ranch where they were branding the calves and castrating the bulls. While there was no loss of bovine life, seeing the calves struggle has kinda put me off of beef (I was already a non-eater of veal – I have never eaten it, and I never will).

Then today I was watching the episodes in the Greek islands. And on Crete, they took a lamb, sheared his wool, and then slaughtered him. I was already iffy on the idea of eating lamb; this pretty much cemented it. And while I am well-aware that yarn manufacturing does not typically involve killing the sheep, seeing this almost has me wanting to quit knitting, too.

I’m trying to figure out just where my lines are drawn. Do what you want to amphibians (no problems watching Anthony go frog-gigging in South Florida), fish, shellfish, and most reptiles (I’m terrified of snakes and don’t really care for lizards, but I like turtles). Ditto for birds (also no problems with quail-hunting in Greece. But on the other hand, I like ducks. Though that didn’t stop me from eating duck on New Year’s Eve). But I don’t know if I would quit pork if I watched them slaughter a pig. Maybe I’ll just have to wait and see.

And cuddling Yonder really doesn’t help.