1. Pretty much anything wedding/engagement-related.
  2. Not knowing what I did to cause my life to go to hell.
  3. Being broke and unemployed and turning 33.
  4. Liking romantic things, like music and art. And having a gigantic heart.
  5. Anti-abortion activists who support capital punishment.
  6. Dogs that are smaller than cats (If you want a pet that small, get a cat – they’re a lot more independent).
  7. Hardwood floors (I’d rather vacuum than sweep/mop).
  8. Fox News Channel (Yeah, like you’re shocked. But I can’t even watch the embarrassing clips on The Daily Show.)
  9. People who call my cell phone before trying my land line (First, I don’t like talking on my cell – it’s uncomfortable and the connection is never as good. Second, I’m broke and unemployed and have no life – chances are, I’m going to be at home. Not only do I keep my cell ringer on vibrate or silent at home, half the time I don’t even take it with me anymore when I’m running errands, as it’s not like anybody is trying to reach me about anything important).
  10. When Mrs. Landlord leaves Landlord’s underwear in the washer or dryer (Wt or dry, dirty or clean – I am NOT touching Landlord’s underwear).
  11. Wii Fit Body Test.
  12. That Barnes & Noble’s Unlimited Free Member Express Shipping has (for me) been slower than their standard Free Shipping.
  13. That massages are so freaking expensive (upper back/shoulders have been really tense lately).
  14. Ditto for drop-in yoga classes. Or any yoga class, period.
  15. And haircuts at places that are not Supercuts.
  16. And manis/pedis at higher-end places.
  17. When my grocery delivery shows up late (a couple of weeks ago they had an issue at the warehouse; last night the truck broke down. That’s two in a row.).
  18. Complaining about the weather, winter weather in particular (I went off on my Facebook friends yesterday regarding this. As I told them, unless you know of a secret weather machine that can make every day 72 and sunny, STFU).
  19. Landlord and Mrs. Landlord seem to have about as much of a life as I do (This is why I moved 500 miles away from my parents – in 11 days spent there over the holidays, I had the house to myself exactly once, for about an hour and a half).
  20. That my right thumbnail keeps getting caught on my current knitting project (I’m knitting a lace shawl. I put on the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips the other day – the butterfly print – and the yarn keeps catching on a crease in the sticker).
  21. I can’t find my flash drive.
  22. How little true human contact I get.
  23. The sound of a lawn mower.
  24. My W-2 hasn’t come yet (I like doing my taxes – as a math enthusiast, I think it’s fun).
  25. That I’m apparently the only person immune to change.


I know…two posts, totaling 50 things that annoy/upset me. Maybe later/tomorrow I’ll do a post of things I like.