(Yep, two days in a row. Go me! Though All I’m doing is repeating content I posted earlier on Facebook.)

One of my favorite blogs is 11 Points – A Blog of Lists by Sam Greenspan. His most recent post is 11 Old Timey Baseball Nicknames That Remind Us How Terrible Modern Nicknames Have Become. For some reason, it got me thinking, ‘You know…it’s too bad that Darryl Strawberry was an outfielder instead of an infielder. Then his nickname could have been Strawberry Shortstop.’

One of my favorite characters is Strawberry Shortcake. I loved her in the 80’s, I still love her now. Well, not the latest incarnations. But I really, really liked her the first couple of years after the 2002/2003 revival. And last year on eBay I bought a stuffed doll/pillow that I had really wanted when it was in stores but had never bought. And I also happen to have a flamingo pink Yankees cap, which I keep hanging by my front door (for protection).

So I’m sitting  in my living room. And Strawberry Shortcake catches my eye. Followed by my Yankees cap. And I note that the hat coordinates nicely with her outfit. And then I grab my camera.

Presenting…Strawberry Shortstop!

(and yes, that would be the famous Yonder with her)