Did a lot of baking/cooking in the past 24 hours…it a lot easier to do after you’ve washed every dish you own. :) Let’s review, shall we?

When I’m working, I don’t usually bother with breakfast (or even coffee) until I’m en route or actually at work (I was  on a first-name basis with the staff at the Panera next door to my former office).  While engaged in my current career of professional couch potato, I don’t usually like to cook breakfast. I like eating it; I’m just too impatient to stand around and actually cook something. If I had pizza or or a calzone for dinner the night before, the leftovers usually end up as breakfast. Or I doctor up yogurt or  instant oatmeal. I’ve been wanting to come up with something that was healthy (read: high on the fiber and protein; lower on the fat and carbs) and that I could just grab and wolf down at home, or take with me whenever I start working again. I started trying to find breakfast cookie recipes, and finally gave one a shot last night: Hearty Breakfast Cookies.

They’re decent enough, but I’ll probably keep looking. I’d made some changes which had an effect – namely, they didn’t spread. I ended up with billiard ball-sized globs. Things that may have affected it:

– some of the butter was melted, some was probably still too firm (the butter had been in the freezer; I tried defrosting in the microwave because I didn’t want to wait)
– crunchy peanut butter, as opposed to creamy (I only buy crunchy. Never specified, but you never know)
– only 1 cup of brown sugar (I actually found the exact same recipe on a different site; the only difference was less sugar. I went with that.)
– used ground flaxmeal instead of wheat germ (I don’t keep wheat germ in the house; I always have flaxmeal)
– you have to smoosh out regular peanut butter cookies before baking; the recipe never said anything about it, but maybe I should have.

I also used dried cranberries instead of raisins.

Today, I’ve tried two new recipes. First, I’m on the look-out for a lower-fat, healthier brownie that still tastes like “frosting you can pick up,” as Ann Hodgman describes them in her brownie recipe in Beat This! (That would be my go-to brownie recipe, btw). I’ve tried the No-Pudge mix; I’m aware of The Hungry Girl’s method of combining brownie mix with canned pumpkin. But I really don’t like using mixes for my baked goods. So off to The Internets I go again, giving a shot to Lower-Fat Fudge Brownies.

Umm…we’ll see if they’re any good with ice cream, because on their own, they were pretty rubbery (though the flavor is pretty good). Granted, again, it may have been because of the changes I made:

– used 3/4 cup white sugar, 1/4 cup Splenda
– used fat-free Greek yogurt (granted, it does say that the texture is better with full fat or low fat yogurt)
– 1/2 cup Egg Beaters instead of real eggs
– 1/4 cup +1 T AP flour, 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
– added the following: cinnamon (maybe about 1/2 t.), cayenne pepper (just a couple of tiny shakes), 1 t. instant espresso powder, and about 1 t. instant dissolving fiber supplement (yes, generic Metamucil. I like to get extra fiber into stuff when I can).

ANd dinner tonight was courtesy of Ina – Parmesan Chicken Sticks. Except I didn’t put them on sticks (side note: ever notice that whenever Ina has kids on the show, they look like they’d rather be forced to sit and watch 60 Minutes? And my own scars about 60 Minutes are for another post…). Did I make changes? Of course I did:

– whole wheat flour seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper (no problems)
– Egg Beaters (no problems)
– whole wheat panko seasoned with basil and oregano (the seasoning was great; coverage/crispiness would have been better with regular whole wheat bread crumbs)
– parmesan was shredded instead of grated

There is dessert to be had and knitting to be done…