I haven’t posted in over a week. I didn’t mean to go that long. I just haven’t had anything to say, really.

The Oscars were last night. Where to start…

– very disappointed in Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts. I generally like them both, but this did not work. With better writing and a different co-host, I think James Franco could have pulled it off.  Anne Hathaway, however…she was painful. Particularly her screaming when people won. I understand the Academy wanting to bring a fresh, hip, lighthearted vibe to the Oscars. But they forgot that an event o this caliber still requires a great deal of poise and a certain amount of gravitas. Billy Crystal or Steve Martin – please come back.

– Thought Kirk Douglas was great.

– Aaron Sorkin won for Best Adapted Screenplay. God now has an Oscar. I may have faith in humanity yet again.

– I was glad to see Randy Newman win for Best Original Song (it was a really sweet song). But i have to ask – while he was performing, was I the only one who kept picturing him on Family Guy singing “Left Foot, Right Foot”?

– very disappointed that Annette Bening didn’t win Best Actress. I’ve liked Annette ever since seeing her in The American President (oh, gee, a Sorkin screenplay…) and I’ve hated having to see her lose to Hilary Swank twice and now again to Natalie Portman. But on the other hand, if it means that she avoids the Best Actress curse and maintains her long and happy marriage to Warren Beatty, then I’ll go with it.

– P.S. 22. Some of my friends were complaining that they kids weren’t very good. They weren’t amazing, but they most certainly weren’t bad. The point of them being there was political, which both sickens and thrills me. Sickens to see them being used, of course.

But I’m also thrilled. It’s become open season on public school teachers. Actually, it’s always been open season on public school teachers, but lately it’s gotten way, way worse. And it’s also always been open season on the arts in public schools. And here we have an elementary school chorus, from a public school, with a teacher who is obviously incredibly devoted to what he does. We need music in our schools. We need our teachers. Fuck you, Tea Party.


Thanks to a heads-up from Lucy a couple of weeks ago, I am now the proud owner of a slow cooker (it was insanely cheap, plus I had a gift card). First attempt at cooking was an overnight oatmeal recipe (not Alton Brown’s – Alton and I have been on the outs for quite some time now) which came out ‘eh.’ Main problem was that it called for (and I used) regular Quaker old-fashioned oatmeal, as opposed to steel-cut. Once I pick up some Irish or Scottish oats I’ll give it another try.

This morning/afternoon I’m experimenting. I had thawed out four chicken thighs, but I wasn’t finding any recipes I liked online or in the slow cooker cookbook I got from the library. So I improvised – tossed in about 7-8 small, old garlic cloves, a handful of baby carrots, and three quartered potatoes. To this I added cayenne pepper, dried basil, dried oregano, dried thyme, lemon juice, olive oil, chicken bouillon granules, and some water. Put the chicken thighs on top, added some salt and pepper, covered it and set it on low. We’ll see how it comes out.

Yesterday I did two things I had never done before:
– I had a job interview, standing outside in the falling snow, on a Sunday morning.
– I sampled a champagne truffle from Teuscher (YUM).

(Yes, the two events are related, though maybe not in the way that you think. Will explain depending on how things unfold)

And to conclude, the LOLcat I am currently obsessed with:

I don’t even normally go for orange/orange and white cats, despite having had two and being honorary aunt to a third (I tend to prefer tuxedos and brown or gray tabbies). But this kitten is just way too adorable. And I keep hearing the caption in this little, neurotic voice.