Over at Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee sometimes does a post consisting of a numbered list of random items. I felt like borrowing that method today.

(You’re probably thinking, Hey, Mand…when don’t you do a post that isn’t random items? And my reply to that is ‘quite seldom.’ But I don’t usually number said items.)

(Oh – and the post title is because a) I like alliteration and b)I went to the All Bugs Revue portion of The Bugs Bunny Film Festival at The Brattle Cinema in Harvard Square last week and I was really disappointed that “Rabbit Fire”  wasn’t one of the shorts shown. You know – “Duck season!” “Wabbit season!” But the show did end with “What’s Opera, Doc?” so at least I had that.)

1. I made a homeless guy’s day yesterday. He was outside of CVS as I was walking to the bank. He wasn’t one of the crazies – he appeared to be a more recent victim of the current economy – and he was probably about my age. Anyway, he was playing with a yo-yo. As I walked by, he was saying something like, “Homeless guy with a yo-yo! Better than a Ho-Ho!” I know Ho-Ho was in there. I stopped in CVS next and I was in line right next to the snack cake shelf. They didn’t have Ho-Hos, but they did have Yodels (the Drake’s version of Ho-Hos). So I grabbed a pack and stuffed them into his cup (along with a dollar). He was so excited! “Oh my god, you are awesome! Yes! Somebody was listening! Humor will save us all!”

2. He made my day, too.

3. I made the comment on Facebook this afternoon that sometimes, it’s tough being an educated liberal. Yes, I would be referring to the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning regarding Westboro Baptist Church’s protests of military funerals. To paraphrase Evelyn Beatrice Hall as she was summarizing Voltaire: I absolutely abhor everything Phelps & Co. say, but I will defend to the death their right to say it.

4. Still obsessed with that LOLcat. I have it open in another tab.

5. I think the Landlords have taken up midnight furniture rearranging as a hobby.

6. Fortunately, that has not been combined with their other nocturnal activities lately.

7. And if the follow the pattern of last year (and maybe the year before – I don’t quite remember), they will be going on vacation next week.

8. Sometimes, I think they should send me on vacation.

9. I don’t think I’ve ever longed for spring as badly as I have the past few weeks. And it’s not like this has been all that bad of a winter, either.

10. No, Boston people. IT REALLY HASN’T.

11. As of Sunday evening I’m up to 11 books read for 2011. All of the 11s in this item are a coincidence.

12. Except I don’t beleive in coincidence.

13. I tried convincing myself today that the treadmill is not the enemy.

14. Nope, I was right to begin with – the treadmill is evil. Power to the elliptical!!

15. I know there’s some sort of political metaphor, domestic or international, that could be used when comparing the treadmill and the elliptical, but I really don’t want to contemplate that right now.

16. And considering some of the similarities to Ghadafi, maybe even a Charlie Sheen joke.

17. I maintained willpower today and did not buy the large bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, aka Cadbury Crack, at CVS this afternoon.

18. Actually, the only reason I didn’t was because I was too lazy to have to get in line and dig out my wallet, just for one bag of candy.

19. I vacuumed my living room this morning, including the sofa. And finally put my “slipcover” back on (the red flannel sheet that I keep on it). And attempted to do laundry (got a load all loaded up to go, then discovered that Landlords had left stuff in the washer). And this was all before I remembered that I hadn’t yet had coffee or breakfast.

20. Both of the tuners on my TiVo are recording right now. I know one of them is Top Chef. I have absolutely no recollection what the other is.

21. Oh, wait – yes I do. It’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Yes, I started watching it again.

22. Next Friday (March 11) is the six-month anniversary of Origami out of a Refrigerator. All gifts and cards accepted.

I think that’s good for tonight.