Random list again. Sorry.

  • Friday was the six-month anniversary of the launch of Origami out of a Refrigerator. It was the only celebration that was een quieter than my birthday.
  • And my 33rd birthday was the day before. It was almost identical to last year – all by myself, amni/pedi, massage. Only differences were I missed the 83 bus in Porter Square, not Inman Square (I actually did manage to catch it in Inman; but still – it wouldn’t have been my birthday if I hadn’t missed the 83), and instead of buying myself cookies at Rosie’s, The Mom sent me a dozen SoHo Globs.
  • Quitting take-out as a Lenten sacrifice is a bust. As in I ordered out on Ash Wednesday (hey, I needed fish!). But considering I work on justice towards self and justice towards others pretty much 24/7/365, maybe I need to work more on justice to wards God. Especially since crisis of faith has been particularly bad these days.
  • I swept and rearranged my office this afternoon, in anticipation of the set-up tomorrow of what I am calling the Redneck Desktop. As mentioned before, the screen on my laptop went out 6 months ago, so I’ve had it hooked up to the TV in my living room. The Mom and The Dad have given me a new TV for my birthday (what appears to be a lovely 32-inch LG LCD HDTV) and it supposed to be delivered tomorrow. So I will move my current TV (also an LG LCD HDTV, but only 21 inches) into my office, along with my laptop, to permanently be my monitor.
  • Landlords did not go on vacation this past week. However, it turns out that it is this coming week that is spring break for all the local schools (Mrs. Landlord works at/is affiliated with one of them, somehow). But there has been no indication (as of yet, anyway) that they are heading out of town.
  • If anybody knows where I can get lots and lots of (preferably) unscented red tea lights, inexpensively and easy to get to, I would be quite grateful (I got some when I went to IKEA with Daphne last week, but I’m already just about out).
  • Dammit, I need to remember that I get more views when I post earlier in the day.
  • Been kinda panicking over the past few days. I’ve always said that I usually feel like I’m running out of time, personally and professionally (but especially personally). Now I feel like I’m completely out of time.
  • Said panic attacks lead to cleaning jaunts and feng shui binges (see above about my office). I’ve even taken room measurements and created a to-scale floor plan. I have read many a feng shui guide over the past four years; this time I’m trying The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui.
  • FWIW, I really don’t like Lillian Too.
  • The Dude and Cameron (and Shamrock and Liam and Oliver) gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, plus I have one from an online survey. I’m really leaning towards some salt crystal tealight holders and lamps.
  • I finished a pair of socks yesterday, for myself.
  • Sometimes…I really want to quit knitting.  I realized a couple of years ago that in some ways, I had turned into someone I very much did not want to be, which lead to my life hitting rock bottom and failing to rise, and that the knitting was one of those ways.
  • But I have all this yearn, and all these damn baby showers. And I’m so fucking good at it… *sigh*
  • Maybe knitting is the new math… (don’t worry – you’re not going to get it)

Much to do tomorrow, both here and out in the world.