(no, not really – I just liked it as a title)
  1. The guy before me in line for the bus got on, then searched every pocket he had before finding his wallet. I was already about to smack him for not having his money ready when he got on, when he hit his wallet against the scanner – monthly pass on his Charlie Card. And then I REALLY wanted to smack him. What the hell kind of commuter doesn’t have his or her pass ready to go the minute he or she sees the tell-tale white/blue/gold of the MBTA?
  2. I just realized that the color scheme for the MBTA busses is very similar to the colors for the Buffalo Sabres. Just seems so wrong.
  3. Happy Pi Day!! I forgot to buy pie while I was out, so I might make one, if I can find a recipe that doesn’t require rolling out the crust. I will also be making (or ordering) pizza.
  4. My beloved Bob Slate is closing. This is right up there with the loss of Pleasures & Pastimes.
  5. I ordered pizza. Though it’s not even round. Any other kind of pie has yet to be made.
  6. How, how, HOW have I spent all this time unaware of Zach Galifianakis? I mean, sure I was aware of his existence as an actor, though I never could have picked him out of a crowd. But how was I unaware of his sheer comedic genius?
  7. I was planning on sweeping/maybe mopping/vacuuming my bedroom this evening. But DST confused me and time caught up with me. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
  8. BTW, please note that it is Daylight Saving Time. Like “labor-saving device” (thank you, Wikipedia). It’s not like your savings account (I will admit that the argument could be made, but I do not accept it), and god forbid, it is not a possessive!!
  9. Now that the new TV and the Redneck Desktop are set up, I really need a new desk chair. This kitchen chair is killing my ass.
  10. I should not be allowed in the used book cellar at Harvard Book Store unsupervised.
  11. Just remembered that I need to send a nasty email about the condition of a restroom. Of course, the most convenient grocery store has to be the one with the most disgusting ladies room I have ever seen.